Things A Fascist Would Never Do


Nothing demonstrates the complete and utter ignorance of the progressive movement than their portrayal of fascism, and who they call fascist.

Things a Fascist would NEVER DO. Actions disqualifying for a Fascist.

  1. A Fascist would NEVER champion the 2nd Amendment. You can’t easily seize the property of peasant farmers if they can shoot back.
  2. A Fascist would NEVER champion Religious Freedom. Fascists demand absolute loyalty to the State. A moral foundation and Fascism are mutually exclusive.
  3. A Fascist would NEVER champion Right to Life. Under Fascism, the Totalitarian State determines who gets to live and who doesn’t. Dehumanization is foundational to Fascism. The State is all that matters. Life is not a right, it is a privilege of party members in good standing.
  4. A Fascist would NEVER attack the Press and Social Media. Fascists purge the Media/Social Media of opposing voices and use them to spread Propaganda and Fake News.
  5. A Fascist would NEVER champion property rights and free markets. Property and Profits are controlled by the State.
  6. A Fascist would NEVER nominate conservative Supreme Court Judges that interpret the law as it was intended. Fascists rely on activist judges to circumvent the democratic process and deliver the verdict the tyrant dictator desires.
  7. A Fascist would NEVER resort to direct communication with the masses to circumvent a biased media. Under Fascism, the media is always a tool of the Tyrant, and opposing views are suppressed…much like what is happening today on Google, Facebook, Youtube and college campuses.
  8. A Fascist would NEVER champion individual rights. Fascist collectivism has no tolerance for black sheep.
  9. A Fascist would NEVER campaign on keeping his promises to the people…and then actually do it. Castro and all other tyrants always promise free and fair elections and their support of democracy…then they rig the elections and serve life terms.
  10. A Fascist would NEVER be the victim of a Deep State attack. The entrenched bureaucracy of the FBI, CIA, EPA and other State Departments would support a Fascist that supports their power.
  11. A Fascist would NEVER promote smaller, more effective, constitutionally limited government. Fascists are totalitarian collectivists, a government can never be too big.
  12. A Fascist would NEVER support School Choice. Under Fascism, the educational system is to promote the “truth” as determined by the totalitarian authorities.
  13. A Fascist would NEVER support family values and the family unit. Fascism demands absolute loyalty to the state. You can’t get a society to tolerate the complete and moral bankruptcy of the State and their abuses if society has a moral foundation. Moral bankruptcy is required for the dehumanization of collectivist Fascism to work.
  14. A Fascist would NEVER support tax breaks. The State can always spend the money better than the individual under Fascism. Empowering the individual is never the goal under Fascism.
  15. A Fascist would NEVER support reform of the welfare state. Fascism is the biggest of all welfare states.
  16. A Fascist would NEVER support self-reliance and individual independence. Under Fascism, the individual is completely dependent on the Government for survival.
  17. A Fascism would NEVER support due process. Under Fascism false accusations, witch hunts, show trials, and purges determine “justice.”
  18. A Fascist would NEVER attack Hollywood. Under Fascism, Hollywood would be the propaganda capital, purged of any opposing views, and used to promote the position of the State.
  19. A Fascism would NEVER support “Science by Authority” and “Consensus.” A fascist would institute a “Peer Review” process purged of any opposing views, that guarantees the outcome the Ministry of Science desires.
  20. A Fascist would NEVER work to undermine the credibility of the Government, Media, Education, and Science. Under Fascism, all those institutions are purged and administered to promote the Fascist agenda.
  21. A Fascist would NEVER make deregulation a major focus. Fascists are about maximum regulation, and a Fascist have never seen a regulation they did like.
  22. A Fascist would NEVER defend “Rule of Law” and the US Constitution. Fascist are about rule of a man, rule of a dictator, not the rule of law. The “laws” serve the Dictator, not the individual.
  23. A Fascist would NEVER criticize thug groups that intimidate society into obedience. Fascists use thug groups like the Brown and Black Shirts to stir up discontent and insecurity so society demands greater government control over their lives in exchange for security.
  24. A Fascist would NEVER defend people protecting monuments that may reflect poorly on the Country and expose warts in its history. Fascists are legendary for re-writing history. Fascists must maintain the facade of a Fascist Utopia on earth. Perfect Leaders, run perfect countries, and any evidence to the contrary must be erased.
  25. A Fascist would NEVER claim that there are problems with the voting registration, and call into question of the integrity of elections. Fascists routinely rig elections, that is how they stay in power. It doesn’t matter who casts the vote, what matters is who counts the votes…and how many dead people voted and illegal ballots cast.
  26. A Fascist would NEVER oppose government control of healthcare. Controlling the critical aspects of human life is essential for totalitarian control. A Fascism would never support individual self-reliance. Fascists promote government dependency, not individual independence.
  27. A Fascist would NEVER use the tactic of asking people totally dependent upon the government the self-reflecting question, “what have you go to lose?” The last thing a Fascist would do would be to call attention to the complete and utter failure of the government to solve the most important societal problem, problems that they created.
  28. A Fascist would NEVER use a slogan like “Make America Great Again.” America is the World’s beacon of Freedom, the home of Wall Street and Free Market Capitalism. Fascists want to destroy the freedom loving people, not restore their strength.
  29. A Fascist would NEVER us a unifying message like “Make America Great Again.” Fascists depend on scapegoats to deflect blame for their failures. Fascists need a boogyman to instill fear in their citizens. To an identity politics loving Fascist, unifying all Americans as Americans makes it difficult for them to divide and conquer. Fascists need a “Great Satan” to stay in power, they rely on pitting one group of people against another. Unity is death to a Fascist. Fascists need unrest and discontent to get society to accept their tyranny. Think Cuba vs US, N Korea vs US, China and Russia vs US. Tyrants and Fascists hate America and our individual freedoms.
  30. A Fascist would NEVER oppose other like-minded Fascists and tyrants from getting Nuclear Weapons. Arming N Korea and Iran with nuclear materials helps the Fascist’s efforts against the freedom and liberty loving Americans.
  31. A Fascist would NEVER fight against weakening critical industries in America like steel and energy. An economically weak and energy and steel dependent America plays into the hands of Fascists.
  32. A Fascist would NEVER oppose issues like Open-Boarders. Fascists build walls to keep people in and unable to escape the hell they create. The more needy people a society has, the greater power over society the Fascist has.

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