Bill Nye, The Sophistry Guy: The Truth is Out There, Only No One is Listening

This video and others like it have been critiqued many times.

WUWT did a thorough debunking on their site: Al Gore and Bill Nye FAIL at doing a simple CO2 experiment

We at CO2isLife debunked a similar experiment done by Mythbusters: Climate “Science” on Trial; Confirmed Mythbusters Busted Practicing Science Sophistry

Tony Heller over at Real Science has another debunking as well: Bill Nye – The Science Fraud Guy

The fact that this highly flawed experiment is done by multiple sources pretty much proves there are no real experiments for the climate alarmists to rely upon. If there was anything truthful to what they are saying, they wouldn’t have to rely on fake and flawed experiments and sophistry.

Why is this experiment so flawed?

  1. Glass is opaque to IR Radiation. What the thermometer is measuring isn’t CO2 warming, it is the glass warming. IR Photography requires lenses not made of glass. Remember, the GHG effect is trapping outgoing IR. IR never makes it through the glass to warm the CO2, instead, it is absorbed by and warms the glass. This is easily demonstrated in the lab or in front of a jury.visible-transmission
  2. CO2 and air have different specific heat and mass. CO2 has a specific heat of 0.846 and air has a specific heat of 1.005. One mole of air weights 29 grams, whereas CO2 weighs 44 grams. Because CO2’s greater mass more than compensates for the lower specific heat, the CO2 flask should have been COOLER. Something doesn’t pass the stink test here. This is easily demonstrated in a lab or in front of a jury.thumb-22cd54689ae03837f882eb24f8f22cf3
  3. Bill Nye the Sophistry Guy shows two thermometers being used, but as the following photo demonstrates, the same thermometer is used to demonstrate both flasks. Note the smudged 8 in 38, the Dot below the 38, the scrape below 36 and the spot below the 36. The identical thermometer is being shown to represent both flasks. The photo-documentation provided by Bill Nye exposes his fraud.2018-04-05160024_shadow (1).png

Al Gore, Bill Nye and the Mythbusters have done this experiment to prove CO2 is the cause of atmospheric warming, but this experiment does no such thing. Congress should have Al Gore, Bill Nye and the Mythbusters repeat this same experiment using a jar that is transparent to LWIR between 13 and 18µ. If the specific heat formula holds true, the CO2 flask should actually be COOLER than the one with plane air when equal amounts of heat are applied. Another way to do it would be to place the IR lamp in a sealed aquarium so the IR radiation doesn’t have to pass through glass.

The arrogance of the climate alarmists will be their downfall. As the recent trial in San Francisco demonstrates, climate alarmists believe they can say and do anything and people will just blindly accept what they say. The experiment that Al Gore and Bill Nye popularized can be used against them. As long as all people see is the video intended to perpetuate the myth, they will believe in AGW. Once, however, they take the time to truly understand it, the fraud becomes obvious and they lose all credibility. Congress needs to act to expose AGW as the fraud that it is, and Al Gore and Bill Nye have given them the opportunity to do so. Once again, if the science truly supported the alarmist’s claims, they wouldn’t have to rely on sophistry over science. That alone is enough convincing for me and would be for most others as well. No one likes to be played the fool, and America is being played big time.

Post Publication Edit:

It turns out that Tufts University noticed the same issues and ran the experiment using Argon instead of CO2. Here is the result.

Report: Bill Nye, Al Gore Get The Physics Of Global Warming Wrong

A paper published in a 2010 edition of the American Journal of Physics found that experiments like Nye’s are “not an accurate demonstration of the physics of climate change.”

The problem is, the truth is out there, only no one is listening. There is too much money to be made supporting the lie. President Trump should have the Tufts University Researchers demonstrate their experiment to Congress to expose the fraud of man-made climate change.

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6 thoughts on “Bill Nye, The Sophistry Guy: The Truth is Out There, Only No One is Listening”

  1. Hi, CO2isLife.

    Here’s the genesis of the warmists’ claims of CO2 causing CAGW, and the underlying science as to why it is false… this is from a post on’s discussion forum:

    Oh, you’re an intelligent libtard, then. Great.

    Here you go, actual science… let’s see if you can understand quantum mechanics without your head imploding.

    Let’s do a gedanken experiment:
    CO2’s ~15 micron absorption spectrum corresponds to a blackbody temperature of ~-80 C, which makes that an extremely low-energy (long wavelength) regime. It also happens to be a sparse region… there’s not much on the planet which is at ~-80 C, so there’s not many photons at that wavelength, comparatively speaking.

    So which do you think is more likely:

    1} That CO2 is absorbing extremely low-energy photons, increasing its vibrational quantum state (and thus its collisional radiationless transition probability… because remember, for collisional radiationless transition to have a very high probability, the molecule must be highly excited… as you can see from the UMLT monoatomic oxygen in the study I cited prior ( https://agupubs.onlinelibra… )) such that it’s transferring its vibrational quantum state energy to the translational kinetic energy of other molecules which have an absorption spectrum which is shorter-wavelength (higher energy) and also happens to be a less sparse region of the blackbody curve…


    2} Other molecules with a much higher-energy (shorter wavelength) absorption spectrum absorbing photons of a higher energy level than that which CO2 can absorb, becoming vibrationally excited then transferring that energy to CO2 via collisional radiationless transition. The CO2 then undergoes emission relaxation by emitting a 15 micron photon (as outlined in the study I cited prior ( https://agupubs.onlinelibra… )).
    In arguing for your position (the position of the warmists), you’re essentially arguing that energy is flowing from a lower-energy to a higher-energy regime… I think you can see the problem in that, yes?

    There are four forms of molecular energy:
    1} Electron quantum state (quantized potential energy)
    2} Vibrational state (quantized kinetic energy)
    3} Rotational state (quantized kinetic energy)
    4} Translational energy (unquantized kinetic energy, the only energy which we can measure as temperature)

    The time-independent Schrodinger equation treats translational kinetic energy separately from electron quantum state, vibrational quantum state and rotational quantum state because translational energy is the only energy which is not quantized.

    The warmists have it exactly backward. Remember back when they claimed that CO2 would cause stratospheric warming? That was because they were claiming that CO2 was absorbing a photon, increasing its vibrational quantum state, then transferring that vibrational (kinetic) energy to other molecular constituents of the atmosphere in the form of translational energy (the only form of molecular energy which we can measure as temperature). Since that sort of energy transfer has a probability distribution which depends upon molecular abundance, pressure and excitation level, it generally only happens at certain altitudes. The warmists were claiming it happened in the stratosphere, but empirical observation proved them wrong.

    When no stratospheric heating was empirically observed (indeed, the stratosphere cooled), they then switched to claiming that CO2 would cause the stratosphere to cool (to come into line with empirical observation), but it would cause the troposphere to warm… by the very same collisional radiationless transition… but they forgot that the wide absorption spectrum of water in the troposphere precludes there being many sufficiently energetic photons in the troposphere to sufficiently excite CO2’s vibrational quantum state to make the collisional radiationless transition probability very high. And they forgot that energy cannot flow from a lower-energy to a higher-energy regime.

    The warmists are claiming that molecules which absorb shorter-wavelength (higher energy) photons which are more abundant (reference the blackbody curve) are being warmed by molecules which absorb longer-wavelength (lower energy) photons which are not very abundant (reference the blackbody curve). That’s a roundabout way of claiming that energy can flow from a lower energy to a higher energy regime, and that violates 2LoT.

    In reality, the reverse happens throughout the atmosphere (the process is shown in the UMLT (upper mesosphere, lower thermosphere) in the above-cited study)… other molecular constituents absorb higher-energy photons, become vibrationally excited and transfer that energy to CO2 via collisional radiationless transition, whereupon CO2 undergoes emission relaxation by emitting a 15 micron photon.

    Given that the mean free path length for that emitted IR increases with increasing altitude, the net vector for that emitted IR is upward.

    That’s why CO2 has been shown to cause cooling throughout the atmosphere, except for a very slight amount of warming at the tropopause:

    You’ll further hear warmists talking about increasing CO2 atmospheric concentration causing a widening of the ‘shoulders’ of the purported absorption band (in reality, the emission band) of CO2… but take a look at the image above.

    You are looking downward on those “shoulders”, and you can see that CO2 causes cooling… so a widening of those “shoulders” as CO2 atmospheric concentration increases means it’ll cause cooling at a wider band of frequencies. And as CO2 atmospheric concentration increases, you’ll see the center of that rainbow of colors labeled ‘CO2’ go toward even more extreme cooling.

    Thus dies CAGW… in reality, CO2 causes global cooling, and more of it will cause more global cooling.

    So CO2 acts as a negative feedback to the completely natural warming the planet had recently experienced. That forcing has ended, the planet is now cooling, and as CO2 atmospheric concentration continues to increase, it will exacerbate the cooling.

    Haven’t you warmists ever wondered why the planet never went into runaway heating during the times when CO2 was as much as 17 times higher atmospheric concentration than it is today?

    Energy cannot flow from a lower-energy regime to a higher-energy regime, yet this is exactly what the warmists are contending occurs with their claim that CO2 is absorbing lower-energy photons, increasing its vibrational quantum state, then transferring that energy to other molecules (which have an absorption spectrum at shorter wavelengths and thus higher energy levels, and which is in a region of the blackbody curve which is less sparse than the 15 micron region).

    Now, you’ve claimed that you are “a person who is intelligent enough to sift the evidence, evaluate sources and understand (mostly) the writings of those people who are real experts as opposed to those who are sponsored lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry”… I’ve presented the underlying mechanism by which warmists claim CO2 warms the atmosphere and proven via well-established scientific principles that their claimed mechanism violates those scientific principles.

    So we’re going to test your veracity here… if you truly are “a person who is intelligent enough to sift the evidence, evaluate sources and understand (mostly) the writings of those people who are real experts as opposed to those who are sponsored lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry”, you’ll do your own research, you’ll recognize the truth in what I write, and you’ll be forced to conclude that you’ve been led astray and must come into alignment with scientific reality.

    You really have no other choice except to bury your head in the sand and start denying scientific reality… unless you decide to take a ‘shoot the messenger’ tack, then start denying scientific reality.


    1. Thanks for the response. The positions of the warmists is that by activating 1 out of every 2,500 molecules you can substantially impact the other 2,499 and effectively raise the temperature. Even if CO2 had a great deal of energy is its vibrational state, which it doesn’t, that energy would quickly be diluted/diffused. Lastly, if CO2 did what you say it does, it would already be happening 1,000x over because H2O does everything CO2 does and much much much more. I don’t have time to address all the false claims by the warmists, but they are all addressed in past posts. Thanks again for the very informative comment. It is nice to know the position of the warmists.


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