The Ignorance of the Progressive Left When it Comes to SocioEconomic Political Systems is Astounding


Hitler and Mussolini were National Socialists. Fascism is essentially a Socialist Nanny State on Steroids. Nazis were the National Socialists German Workers’ Party, Mussolini was Hitler’s inspiration and role model. Fascists and Communists fought each other during the 1920s and 1930s much like the Clinton and Sander’s factions battle for control of the Political left today. Fascists and Communists were one in the same, much like Christians fought themselves during the Catholic and Protestant Wars of the Reformation. The fact that Progressives claim the Nazis aren’t left wing because they fought the Communists demonstrates an ignorance of biblical proportions and ignores the fact that Hitler and Stalin were allies when the war began.

Woodrow Wilson and FDR are by far the presidents closest to Hitler and Mussolini. Woodrow Wilson embraced Eugenics, the foundation of Nazism’s superior race ideology. Planned Parenthood was formed during that era, with the stated intent to remove undesirables from society. Even today, the vast majority of Planned Parenthood “clinics” are located near ghettos. Abortion is by far the closest thing to the Holocaust in today’s society, and it is wholeheartedly embraced by the Political Left.

FDR attempted to turn America into a Socialist Nation with his “2nd Bill of Rights.” FDR never saw a government program or government solution that he didn’t like. The essential basis of any Fascist Nation is a Totalitarian Government. FDR is the only president to be elected 4 times, and the US Constitution was amended to ensure that that never happens again. FDR inherited a routine economic downturn and turned it into the Great Depression, and his government control of individual’s retirement incomes greatly expanded the individual’s dependency upon the government.

Johnson then followed up Medicare/aid and Welfare, and Obama gave us Obamacare. All are efforts to enslave the individual to the Government. Doubt me? Go visit an Indian Reservation or the South Side of Chicago. Those are Progressive Case Studies in the success of totalitarian Government control over people’s lives.

President Trump is about as far from a Socialist or Fascist as they come. Continue reading the following links for more information.

Things A Fascist Would Never Do

The True Face of Fascism is Socialist Big Government Not Conservative Small Government

What Real Fascism Looks Like; It’s Alive and Well in the 21st Century Progressive Left

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12 thoughts on “The Ignorance of the Progressive Left When it Comes to SocioEconomic Political Systems is Astounding”

  1. Since he was able to buy the White House, I was aware of how much Donald Trump loved Hitler and Mussolini, though he might not understand well who they are. He has proven over the year that he is a true Nazi and Fascist at the same time. For this reason I call him BOTUS – Bastard of the United States. I also consider him a very dangerous gangster who uses intimidation, threats, and possibly murder to get what he wants. This being Donald Trump has to be stopped.

    I am Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri Bebawi


    1. Please explain how you reached this conclusion. Just what policies has he promoted that would lead you to believe he is a fascist. Also, please explain fascism.

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      1. We encourage all perspectives. Please point out where we are wrong. Insults don’t refute our positions. It only strengthens the confidence of those reading the posts because no one seems to refute the actual position.


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