The March For Science Wasn’t About Science. It Was About Leftist Propaganda.


Any real scientist would be horrified by the overt politicization of science. Once these leftist destroy the credibility of science, all will suffer, not just the left-wing hacks.

On Saturday, a sparse population of self-appointed guardians of Science™ showed up in 200 cities around the world to march for it. As David Burge of Iowahawk says, marching for science is somewhat like dancing for architecture, but that didn’t stop the media from covering the March for Science as a massively important event. CNN, for example, led with this glowing line: “Saturday’s crowds were notably smaller than those that showed up for the first march in April 2017, but attendees expressed as much optimism and hope as they did last year.”…What, exactly, did these science advocates talk about? Not about sexual differentiation or fetal development, obviously. They talked instead about global warming and how to achieve more racial diversity amongst scientists:

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No one is safe during a Progressive Revolution…least of all the Professors and Teachers. They are all targets of the Government inspired thugs. Progressives simply ignore history, and the countless times murderous “Progressive” revolutions have terrorized the population they proclaim to protect.

His students beat him to death during the Cultural Revolution. The school called it a suicide

For half a century, Cheng Zhangong has mourned his father’s passing but didn’t want to dwell on how he really died — at the hands of Cheng’s high school classmates.

To this day, Cheng still remembers finding his father, a high school vice principal, slumped over a sandbox steps away from his old office after being beaten with long sticks by his own students. “Almost overnight they turned against my father,” said Cheng, 69, whose dry eyes belied pain. “I understand they were under the influence of the political system.”

The purges that defined the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution began 50 years ago, in August 1966. Youth mobs, buoyed by idolatry for Mao Tse-tung, threw themselves into a crazed campaign as Red Guards. In colleges and high schools throughout the country, they repudiated their teachers and principals as “capitalists” or “stinking intellectuals” and pressed them into service as laborers.

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