How Does 140 Years of Stable Temperatures Prove Man Made CO2 is Melting the Greenland Glaciers?


Greenland temperatures today are no different then they were in 1880. How then can man-made CO2 be blamed for the glacier melting and the sea level rising? CO2 in 1880 is estimated to have been below 300 ppm, today it is 400 ppm. CO2 has increased a full 33%+ over that time, and yet it has had zero measurable impact on atmospheric temperatures. While climate alarmists use Greenland and its potential threat of sea level rise as evidence for their CAGW Theory, in reality, Greenland is the ideal case study to debunk the theory. The evidence of this fraud is available for anyone to see if they simply choose to look.

Climate change means Greenland is the same temperature now as 1880
Hands up who knew that Greenland has been pretty much the same temperature for the last hundred and forty years?
We know that there has been massive melting ice, shrinking ice sheets, a dark zone that is a huge problem, that the melting is accelerating, faster than at any time in the last 400 years. We all know “this is scary”, and due to climate change and could raise sea levels by 20 feet. And that’s just the news stories in the last two weeks.

At NoTricksZone, Kenneth Richards has found an up to date graph of Greenland temperatures buried in the supplement of a new paper by Mikkelsen et al., 2018:

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