The Illusion of Green Jobs Vanishes with Loss of Subsidies

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No one…other than the consumer and taxpayer…will pay a price for such wasteful folly. People actually got elected with the specific intent of wasting taxpayer money and pushing these nonsensical agendas. Basically, Left-wing politicians wasted taxpayers’ money buying votes from their gullible base that actually believes the lies on which the Green Economy is founded. Now many of those voters are on the unemployment line voting for those same left-wing politicians to increase and extend their unemployment benefits.

The number of jobs in the solar industry peaked at some 110,900 in 2011, before crashing spectacularly thereafter. In 2015 there were only 31,600 jobs – a roughly 70% plunge. This naturally was a bitter disappointment for the roughly 80,000 people who lost their jobs, but once had been promised a bright, green future by politicians who had touted a grand master plan.

Moreover, almost every single major German producer of solar systems has gone insolvent.

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