Isolating the Impact of CO2 on Temperature Reveals No Warming over the Past 100 Years


Here are CO2isLife, we pride ourselves in not being Climate “Scientists” who have had our minds polluted by the Man Made Climate Change Echo Chamber. We view our lack of formal Climate Education as a positive, not a negative. It allows us to look at the data, results, and research in a totally impartial and disinterested manner. Additionally, while we don’t have formal climate science backgrounds, whatever that is, we do have solid backgrounds in physics, chemistry and the application of the scientific method.

Two main themes that we have been promoting is that 1) Controlling for exogenous factors, CO2 shows no impact on global temperatures and 2) being amateurs, we should not be able to do a better job forecasting the future climate or published research.

Previously we wrote various articles highlighting that there were serious flaws in the construction of the Hockeystick chart, and that if factors such as H20 and the urban heat island effect were controlled for, isolating the imact of CO2, data would demonstrate that the increase in CO2 was not resulting in global warming.

Here are just a few of the articles:

Isolating the Contribution of CO2 on Atmospheric Temperature

Ground Measurements Don’t Implicate CO2; Climate Scientists are Using the Wrong Data Sets for Their Models

Ground Measurements Don’t Implicate CO2; Climate Scientists are Using the Wrong Data Sets for Their Models

Climate “Science” on Trial; Temperature Records Don’t Support NASA GISS

Climate “Science” on Trial; Cherry Picking Locations to Manufacture Warming

The point we were making is that the existing datasets, when interpreted correctly, demonstrate the CO2 doesn’t impact global temperatures. Well, some researchers that actually understand the scientific method actually performed the research we detailed in the above posts. The results? The same as we predicted in the above posts, CO2 hasn’t caused any warming over the past 100 years, and that the Hockeystick is inconsistent with reality and instrumental records.

It’s Here: A 1900-2010 Instrumental Global Temperature Record That Closely Aligns With Paleo-Proxy Data
By Kenneth Richard on 3. May 2018

A global-scale instrumental temperature record that has not been contaminated by (a) artificial urban heat (asphalt, machines, industrial waste heat, etc.), (b) ocean-air affected biases (detailed herein), or (c) artificial adjustments to past data that uniformly serve to cool the past and warm the present . . . is now available.

Composed of 450 instrumental records from temperature stations sheltered from ocean-air/urbanization/adjustment biases throughout the world, a new 20th/21st century global temperature record introduced previously here very closely aligns with paleoclimate evidence from tree rings, ice cores, fossil pollen and other temperature proxies.

The Alignment Of Paleoclimate Proxy Data & Instrumental Records
The paleoclimate proxy data for the Northern Hemisphere (NH) consistently show an oscillation rather than a linear warming trend between 1900 and 2010: (a) a substantial warming trend between 1900 and the early 1940s, (b) a substantial cooling trend between the 1940s and 1970s, and (c) a subsequent warming trend since the 1980s that matches or comes close to matching the warming peaks in the 1930s and early 1940s (rather than greatly exceeding it).

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In our opinion, which is supported by the data and facts, the only way CO2 results in warming is if datasets are deliberately misrepresented and interpreted. If you fail to control for exogenous warming factors, the data will show warming. If you control for those factors, the warming is eliminated.

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