Kanye, Candice Owens, Diamond and Silk are the Best Weapons Against Climate Change Folly


We at CO2isLife have always maintained that CO2 driven Climate Change isn’t a real scientific issue, it is a classic Progressive Political Campaign. CAGW is red meat for the distant far-left environmentalist wing of the Democratic Party, a wing that has much more clout than the most important wing of the Democratic Party…the black vote.

Misguided environmental groups fund the Democratic Party, blacks provide the votes needed for victory. Those who fund the party, however, get the loudest voice when public policy is determined. Environmentalists get showered with crony capitalism regulations that force unsuspecting consumers to buy worthless products, enriching left-wing groups who in turn donate a portion back to Democratic Candidates. Blacks, on the other hand, get meaningless symbolic platitudes like “Democrats are for inclusion, equality and are anti-racism.” Blacks get a blue and yellow equality or Rainbow bumper sticker, Environmentalists get to loot the taxpayer. Taxpayers get Solyndra, the Black Community gets neglected schools, neither benefits from Democrats wasting taxpayer dollars.

For one of the most outrageous example, simply look at California. Just this week they are proposing a $9,500 tax on homeownership by regulating Solar Panels be placed on all new homes. Please tell me how that benefits the Black community? The Black Community needs School Choice, not solar panels. Additionally, last time I looked, racists aren’t causing the black-on-black crime, 70+ illegitimacy rate, appallingly awful inner-city schools, a welfare program that forces the break up of the black family, the high incarceration and high school drop out rates and the decline of the inner cities…the Democratic Party and their self-destructive policies are. Racists can only dream of being as successful as the Democratic Party at harming the Black Community. The Democratic Party, not the KKK, control the governments of almost every major failed inner city and its school system.

Unfortunately, the Black “Leadership” in Congress plays along with this egregious exploitation. That failure, however, has created a window for the Republican Party, and a basis for President Trump’s all too truthful comments about Blacks having nothing to lose by voting Republican.

If the CAGW Issue is reframed from a Scientific Argument to a Political Argument, the solution becomes obvious…and far more effective. Arguing the “science” of CAGW is important, and a few skeptics’ voices have fought the consensus to a standstill, but they are unlikely to win the war. To win the war against Climate Folly, a clear and undeniable message must be sent to the Democratic Party that if they continue down this path of Climate Folly they will be thrown out of office, and the Black Community has that power.

Hillary Clinton got 88% of the Black Vote and Lost. Let me repeat that. Hillary Clinton got 88% of the Black Vote and lost. The Democrats have 0.000000 of ever winning a Presidential election without a near-monolithic Black vote. The Black vote simply decides the direction America takes by keeping the Democratic Candidate competitive. Without it, the Democratic Party simply isn’t viable.

The problem for Climate Change Folly is that the Black Community gets basically ignored for their loyalty to the Democratic Party. That misguided loyalty, however, is beginning to wear thin, and people are beginning to sit up and take notice.

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Candice Owens makes the observation that during the State of the Union Speeches under President Obama the Black Congressional Caucus stood and cheered the expansion of welfare and unemployment benefits, but when President Trump celebrated the record low Black Unemployment Rate the same Black Congressional Caucus sat on their hands. That is the harsh reality the Black Community lives with, and with that kind of absolute and complete failure of leadership, it is understandable why any dissenting voices are vociferously attacked. You simply don’t attract the amount of flack that Kanye and Candice receive unless they are over the target.

After Kanye showed support for President Trump, President Trump’s support among Black Men DOUBLED. If that trend is simply maintained, let alone strengthens, the Democratic Party is over as we know it.

Support for Trump among black men doubles after Kanye’s endorsement

Kanye’s support received the unfortunately too predictable result. Death Threats, Mocking, Ridicule, Bullying, Insults, and Boycotts. Kanye is simply a victim of Racial McCarthyism, a modern Darkage Inquisition, a Democratic Party Heretic who dared to challenge its Self-Destructive Dogma.

Yes, Kanye West Is Taking Threats Against His Life Stance Seriously

Boycott Kanye West


President Trump intends to hold a “Race Summit” which is a pure genius move, and mimics his approach to exposing “secret science.” Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the more Democratic lies that are exposed, the fewer people will support them.

President Trump is ‘planning a race summit and wants to invite Kanye West and NFL star Colin Kaepernick’ despite vilifying him over kneeling protest

If Kanye and Candice promote redirecting Climate Change Research Funds towards rebuilding our Inner-cities they will stand in stark contrast to Colin Kaepernick who offers the Black Community nothing but a confusing and misguided message that doesn’t solve any real problems. The number of blacks killed by white cops doesn’t even register when compared to the black on black murder in Chicago alone, and encouraging resisting arrest and misguided civil disobedience is never a good policy.

While Obama was Pouring Trillions Down the Climate Science Sewer, The Black Community Suffered

Trillions of Dollars Wasted on a False Alarm and Fraud

Progressives are Out Of Touch on a Biblical Scale; NAACP Should Demand Re-Direction of Climate Change Funding to Inner-Cities

How Slimate Clience and the NFL Kneelers are Related

The True Cost of Fighting Climate Change is Measured in Missed Opportunities

Just How Much Does 1 Degree C Cost?

Facts are if the Black Congressional Caucus and Colin Kaepernick want to defend wasteful Climate Change Spending while the Black Community suffers, President Trump should do everything possible to host a Race Summit so they can spread their destructive and counterproductive message to as many potential voters as possible. The more people know about the Democratic Party and the results of their policies, the less they are likely to vote for them. To the Democratic Party, the truth is the enemy. Kanye will be quoting Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, the Black Congressional Caucus will be quoting Karl Mark. Most people have common sense and a knowledge of history, and that means Kanye wins hands down.

Kanye Thomas Sowell

Simply put, the Democratic Party doesn’t represent progress for the Black Community, they represent the status quo. The problems of the Black Community are the result of Democratic Party Policies, and the Democratic Party’s power base depends on treating the symptoms, not offering a cure. The Democrats don’t want to and won’t ever solve the problems that are keeping them in power. That is why they spend money on fighting climate change and not school choice and job training programs.

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3 thoughts on “Kanye, Candice Owens, Diamond and Silk are the Best Weapons Against Climate Change Folly”

  1. “…but when President Trump celebrated the record low Black Unemployment Rate the same Black Congressional Caucus sat on their hands.”

    Of course they did, I’m surprised they’re not out demonstrating, breaking windows, setting fire to stuff and petitioning the United Nations to intervene because their Human Rights to permanent victimhood and free stuff have been transgressed.


    1. Yes, the “leadership” in the black community is simply self defeating, and far from the teachings of MLK and other great black leaders. Their results speak for themselves.

      Liked by 1 person

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