Hide the Decline Part Deux; NASA is Using Fraudulent Statistical Techniques

Just two days ago we made a post highlighting how NASA was using statistical techniques used by the widely discredited Hockeystick Chart.

Published on CO2isLife 04/07/2018

Not only are the “adjustments” suspect, the temperature reconstructions are a complete and utter joke. Just look at the “Hockeystick” graph. The thing “dog legs” 2 times EXACTLY when the construction methodology changes.

Source Document

Published on RealScience 05/21/2018

Amazing how a break in slope appears when they switch methodologies from tide gauges to satellites, including adding a completely fake GIA (global isostatic adjustment) – which if it was legitimate, would have been equally valid for the tide gauge measurements.

Source Document

Multiple Sources Now Confirm; Climate Data “Adjustments” are Obvious Fraud to Anyone Choosing to Look

When the original article was written, we gave Gavin Schmidt the benefit of the doubt that his actions may not represent outright fraud, but instead may actually represent criminal incompetence.

If it isn’t fraud, it is at least criminal incompetence.

Since that time, however, we have discovered new information, and it looks much more like outright fraud. Over on WUWT Willis Eschenbach wrote an article about the NASA adjustments and mentioned that Gavin Schmidt was a principle over at Michael “Hide the Decline” Mann’s blog, Real Climate. Michael Mann is the person behind the widely discredited Hockeystick graph and is thought to be the Mike in “Mike’s Nature Trick to…Hide the Decline.” Naming his blog “Real Climate” is false advertising on an epic scale, and is consistent with his other deceptive and deceitful efforts.

As the above video details, when dispassionate people review the statistical methods used by Michael Mann and his ilk, they are easily demonstrated to be intentional frauds. We here at CO2isLife have demonstrated how easy it is to spot the fraud in numerous posts.

Scott Pruitt Needs to Go Further; Demand Transparent Peer Review, Temperature Reconstructions and “Adjustments”

NASA GISS Practicing Political Science, Not Atmospheric Science; Why Doesn’t NASA Rely on Satellite Data?

It appears that Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt are sharing their fraudulent statistical methods over at Real Climate. Guilt by association, however, isn’t enough for us to accuse Gavid Schmidt of outright fraud, it is his educational background. Gavin Schmidt has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. Noone with a degree in applied mathematics worth the paper it is written on would not understand the problem of a data set “dog-leging” immediately after an “adjustment” is made. If Gavin Schmidt was in elementary school he might get away with it, but not a Ph.D. running a NASA Department. NASA didn’t put a man on the moon using nonsensical and fraudulent statistical methods.



If Congress was to hold investigations into the statistics used by Gavin and Michael and invited 100 Ph.D.s with degrees in Applied Mathematics, 100 out of 100 would all find the same flaw in Gavin and Michael’s work, all 100. Not 99, not 90, not 50, all 100. This one isn’t even close. Global temperatures are global macro variables, their behavior is like turning a battleship, not a speedboat.  The underlying physics of CO2 and the Greenhouse Gas Effect don’t lend to CO2 causing “dog-legs” in either the global temperature or sea level data. There is absolutely no credible explanation that Gavin or Michael could present to Congress that explains how CO2 could possibly cause a change in the RATE OF CHANGE in both the global temperatures and sea levels corresponding precisely with the timing of their data “adjustments.”

Dog-Legs represent a change in the slope of a variable, they represent a change in the rate of change, they represent a 2nd derivative change. Changes in slope of global macro variables like temperature and sea levels simply don’t happen overnight, and that is exactly what a dog-leg represents. It would be unbelievable for the slope to change overnight, and it is even more unbelievable for the slope to change the exact night the data “adjustments” are applied. You simply can’t get more clear evidence of data fraud than what Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt are presenting as sound science over at Real Climate and NASA. Congress simply needs to investigate this “science,” and do so in a double-blind manner so the liberal professors that may be doing the investigating don’t know what fraud they are exposing. Once they know they are exposing fraud in the field of climate science it is likely that all their reasoning will turn to mush.

Lastly, global temperatures and sea level should be tightly correlated because as the globe warms at an increasing rate, glaciers should melt at an increasing rate. That means that if Michael Mann’s Hockeystick was truly accurate, its dog-legs should correlate with the dog-legs in the global sea level charts. They don’t, so that fact alone proves that one of the charts is wrong. More importantly, the longest continual instrumental temperature record shows basically no warming in Central England since the mid-1600’s and temperatures in Antarctica show no warming since records began back in the 1950s, which would result in near linear increase in sea level. Before Gavin’s adjustments, sea levels were increasing at a nearly linear rate.

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