More Vindication of CO2isLife; Clean Air Act is Causing Global Warming

The oceans are warming because more visible radiation is reaching them. If that is the case, I would stop looking at CO2 and try to discover if anything has happened that would allow more visible radiation to reach the oceans. Has the frequency of volcanic eruptions slowed, has there been any changes to the Hadley Cells or cloud cover over the oceans especially the tropics, have we cleaned the air of sun blocking particulate matter? Explain why the oceans are warming and you explain why the atmosphere is warming, and it isn’t due to CO2.


The fact that record daytime temperatures are being set is evidence that more energy is being added to the system. That alone can explain the warming, and CO2 has nothing to do with it. This can be due to less particulate matter, fewer clouds, cleaner air and a more active sun.


Here at CO2isLife we don’t do climate research, we just review the science and present hypothesis that we hope will be vindicated by future research. One of the theories that we’ve been promoting is that to understand the global temperature one must explain the temperature of the oceans. What heats the oceans also heats the atmosphere.

CO2’s only mechanism by which to affect climate change is through the thermalization of 13 to 18µ longwave infrared radiation, that is it. The problem is, those wavelengths don’t penetrate or warm water. If that is the case, then something else must be causing the warming.

The oceans are predominantly warmed by incoming visible radiation, largely from the blue end of the spectrum. It then follows that if more visible radiation is reaching the oceans, then the globe would be warming. CO2 doesn’t even play a part because CO2 is transparent to incoming radiation. Therefore, if we clean the air, more incoming radiation will reach the oceans.

If you watch the introductory video, ice cores identify the passage of the Clean Air Act, and that clean air has contributed to global warming. Sounds counter-intuitive/ironic, but that is exactly what new research is showing. Clean air leads to warming.


Climate scientist: air pollution cleanup may be major driver of global warming

“Compared to the murky decades of the el Chichon and Pinatubo, the clear stratosphere since 1995 has allowed the intensity of sunlight reaching the ground to increase by about 0.6 Watts per square meter,” says Keen. “That’s equivalent to a warming of 1 or 2 tenths of a degree C (0.1 C to 0.2 C).”

“In other words,” he adds, “over the past 40 years, the decrease of volcanic aerosols and the increase of greenhouse gases have contributed equally to the total warming (~0.3 C) observed in global satellite temperature records.”


It is funny how our Ph.D.s in Common Sense seem to outsmart the Ph.D. in Climate Science. What it really shows, however, is that Climate Scientists aren’t really looking for the real answers. There is no funding if CO2 isn’t the cause, so why look for other explanations?

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