SF Judge Alsup is Making Arguments We’ve Made Here On CO2isLife

Over 150 years ago oil was discovered in America. Its discovery resulted in the end of the whaling industry, the development of the automobile and tractor, and a greatly increased standard of living for the American people. That fuel, along with coal, was later used to power the industrial behemoth that was later used to defeat the Nazis and place America on top of the global economies. China, an extremely backward Nation as recently as 1989, has used oil and coal to go from being ignored to the 2nd largest economy in the world. Today children are slaving away to dig for cobalt in the Congo to build batteries for “green” electric vehicles.

If there is one thing CO2 doesn’t do, it is make the lives of poor people worse. Nothing has the potential to improve the lives of the poor more than CO2, and the vast energy that its creation can release. Take that poor kid out of a Cobalt mine, put him in an air-conditioned office behind a computer and he will be able to make 1,000x what he is making in killing himself in the mine. The fight against CO2, Coal, and Oil is impoverishing billions of mostly poor women and children across the globe. It is enslaving them in poverty and forcing them into horrendously difficult lives.

Original Post on CO2isLife 02/17/2018 (Click Here)

Judge Alsup’s recent comments:

“We won the Second World War with fossil fuels. If we didn’t have fossil fuels, we would have lost that war and every other war,” the judge mused during a recent hearing. “And so we have gotten a huge benefit from the use of fossil fuels, right?” Plaintiff attorney Steve Berman agreed.

Judge Alsup also pointed out that the federal government and states have encouraged the production of fossil fuels. “If the nation is saying, ‘please do it,’ how can we hold them liable for that?” he asked.

The cities’ ostensible trump card was a document purporting to show that the oil companies concealed evidence that they knew for decades that fossil fuels contribute to global warming. But as the judge noted, this “smoking gun” was merely a “slide show that somebody had gone to the [United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] and was reporting on what the IPCC had reported, and that was it. Nothing more.”


My gut feeling is that Judge Alsup isn’t the puppet that the Climate Alarmists were hoping for when they shopped for a sympathetic circuit and judge. I can only hope that Judge Alsup has read up on the recent lawsuit that went against the environmentalists for deceitful tactics. These tactics simply have to end. Our judicial system should not be used as a means of extortion and looting.

Chevron wins $38m from Environmentalists behaving badly: extortion, fraud, witness tampering, corrupt practices

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