Why Progressives Are So Dangerous

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At the very core of Progressive Politics is Leninism masquerading as Marxism. They can’t champion Lenin and Stalin because they are the personification of pure unadulterated evil. Marx is the smiling face of the Devil, Lenin and Stalin are the fangs being hidden by that smile.

When you boil Leninism down, it is a simply a system that concentrates power, controls that power, and imposes that power on the people. Lenin was one of if not the most successful community organizers in history. Unlike our Founding Fathers that organized the community to fight Tyranny and deliver freedom to the individual, Lenin did just the opposite. Leninism is the blueprint for Tyranny.

Lenin identified institutions and functions that were critical to maintaining society, and he set out to control them. Once in control of them, he didn’t use them to ensure and protect the rights and liberties of the people, he used them to control the people and impose his will.

This is important because of what is happening today. Today we have 99% of the FBI agents that are honorable hard-working people, but it only takes one at the top to undermine democracy. It only takes 1 Peter Strzok, 1 Susan Rice, 1 Loretta Lynch, 1 Lisa Page, 1 Andrew McCabe, 1 President Obama, 1 Progressive in the wrong position.

Lenin, Castro, Ho Chi Min didn’t lead their revolutions by motivating the people with the promise to rob all of society of their individual freedoms, they lead their revolutions by keeping their true intentions hidden from the “useful idiots.” Once the trap was set, the people were organized to work against their own best interests, and for the Tyrants.

Our Founding Fathers understood this, and is why they enshrined the necessity to pass on freedom to our children in the Preamble to the US Constitution with the line “Ensure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” If Progressives have they way, they will erase that line for all of history. We will never be more than 1 election away from never tasting freedom again.

Everything detailed in the Communist Goals is intended to get America to destroy itself from within and surrender our individual freedoms. Their MO is to empower and organize Society’s misfits just like Hitler organized thugs into his Brownshirts and Mousollini has Blackshirts. Here is the blueprint to Tryanny. Note how the Media, Academia and the Arts play an important role in undermining America. (Source)


Progressives excel in exploiting Community Chokepoints. They identify them, seize control of them, and then choke the freedom-loving life out of the Society.

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