See, We’re Not Nuts, CO2 does Cool the Atmosphere

FunnelWe here at CO2isLife are not Climate “Scientists.” We view that as a huge bonus because we haven’t been brainwashed into the Carbon Cult. We simply look at the data and interpret it as real scientists would. We don’t have a dog in this fight. Our salaries aren’t dependent upon CO2 being the cause. We can simply seek the truth.

One of the most controversial claims we’ve made at CO2isLife is that CO2 actually works to cool the atmosphere. The reason for this is based on the physics of the Green House Gas Effect (GHG). The GHG Effect requires IR Radiation to contact a GHG Molecule in the atmosphere. The atmosphere thins with altitude, so if you think of the space between two molecules as a window, the windows are larger the higher up you go in the atmosphere. Windows are small near the earth’s surface, so it is far easier for IR to travel out of the atmosphere than back towards the surface. If you think of a funnel and a BB Gun, it is far easier to shoot the BB through the funnel with the wide side towards you, than the narrow side. The atmosphere is essentially a huge number of funnels with their wide-side towards the earth, letting IR leave, but not come back.

Here is just one of the Posts we’ve made addressing this issue:

Climate “Science” on Trial; Evidence Shows CO2 COOLS the Atmosphere

You most likely have never heard of that explanation, and I admit, I thought that most people would think we were nuts for saying it…even though the evidence demonstrates the phenomenon. Fortunately, there are some real scientists doing real work, and guess what they found in our favorite location for controlling for H2O and the Urban Heat Island Effect, Antarctica?

Isolating the Contribution of CO2 on Atmospheric Temperature

You got it, CO2 acts to COOL Antarctica. Imagine that, we truly aren’t nuts. Don’t take our word for it, here is the research. Imagine that, we knew this and it didn’t take a Ph.D. in Climate Science. Question is, why didn’t the Ph.D.s in CLimate Science know this? Maybe they really aren’t teaching science in Climate Science and it is more focused on politics.

Important new study from AWI: Cooling discovered in Antarctica, enabled by Carbon Dioxide

Hypotheses behind the thesis
The occurrence of emission maxima at TOA in the absorption bands of GHGs means, that, from a top of atmosphere perspective, the presence of GHGs causes a surplus of energy loss into space. Taking the difference between surface and TOA emission as greenhouse effect, this yields a negative GHE being observed over Antarctica. Furthermore, when considering increasing concentrations of GHGs, particularly CO2, this phenomenon should yield an increase in thermal emission. This is opposite to what is generally known to result from increasing concentrations of GHGs.


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