What Really Triggered Whoopie?; The Painful Truth of America Winning


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Simply put, Whoopie just can’t stand President Trump and American winning.

Watch the video and pay special attention to what Whoopie says in response to Judge Jenine. Whoopie feigns outrage and kicks Judge Jenine off the show. But why? Under President Trump American’s are getting sick of winning. Tomorrow’s GDP Number is expected to exceed 4%, Unemployment Rates across the board are at or near records, the Russian Collusion Fraud is boomeranging on the Democrats, just moments ago the EU caved on trade, and the stock market is exploding. For 8 years under Obama, all America knew was malaise and failure, and Whoopie and fellow Progressives cheered him on, claiming he was doing the best under difficult circumstances. Trump proves them all to be huge misguided liars, and Judge Jenine was all too willing to point that out. The truth hurts, and Whoopie reacted like any Progressive does when faced with the truth, they try to conceal it by censoring the voice of truth. Much like they do with Climate Skeptics.

Whoopie, in her attack on President Trump, makes a few claims that proves everything about the Progressive Ideology is a giant echo chamber false narrative that crumbles under scrutiny. Like Climate Change, Progressives require an ignorant and obedient base to perpetuate the lie and maintain control. Progressives can’t allow any Totos in their ranks. Here is why.

Whoopie, identifying what Progressives consider the issues most pressing for our Nation, claimed that “Hate” Crimes are on the rise under President Trump. Has any progressive ever looked up the FBI Hate Crime Statistics? They by far are the greatest source of data to disprove American ISN’T a racist, hateful and violent nation. In fact, Hate Crimes increased under Obama, and there are no published hate crimes for President Trump yet.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of hate crimes committed in the United States rose in 2016 for the second consecutive year, …There were 6,121 hate crime incidents recorded last year, an almost 5 percent rise from 2015 and a 10 percent increase from 2014,


There are 325 million Americans of all races, ethnicities, sexes and orientations, religions and creeds, and there were only 6,121 hate crimes committed. 0.019% of the population was the victim of a hate crime, 12% of whom were White. Jews were the victims of 4x the number of hate crimes as Muslims. And Blacks, adjusted for their % of the population, are over 3x as likely to commit a hate crime than a white person. Close families have worse crime stats than are reflected in Hate Crime Statistics. In reality, America as a whole, if represented by Hate Crime Statistics, is safer than most families. That isn’t the epidemic Whoopie claims it is. What it is is Whoopie exploiting the fears, vulnerabilities, and insecurities of women and minorities for her misguided political agenda.

The most famous hate crime of them all, the horrific murder of Matthew Shepherd, was a deceptive lie. Matthew’s drug addict one-time gay lover was the murder, not some homophobic redneck. Source

the prosecutor who had pushed for the death sentence for McKinney and Henderson, would later concede on ABC’s 20/20 that “it was a murder that was driven by drugs.”…A former lover of Shepard’s confirms that Shepard and McKinney had sex while doing drugs in the back of a limo owned by a shady Laramie figure, Doc O’Connor.

Whoopie also has to completely misrepresent President Trump’s comments. When President Trump is talking about Immigrants being criminals and rapists, he is clearly talking about the criminal element that is undeniable. You can watch the video here. President Trump fully supports a pro-American Immigration Policy based upon merit, much like the Canadian system. The Democrats want open borders that will effectively dilute the vote of every American citizen, Republican and Democrat, and place our fates in people that may or may not have America’s best interests in mind.

Compare President Trump to President Obama.

And Bill Clinton.

Whoopie also claims that President Trump “whips up hate.” Really? Angering Progressives isn’t “whipping up hate,” it is simply the expected outcome when you disagree with a Progressive. Sure Progressives “hate” President Trump, but the Progressive is the “hater” not President Trump. President Trump’s MAGA Campaign is based on love, love for America and all its people.

Whoopie doesn’t seem too outraged about this Hate Crime. The logic used by the View is that if you are a public servant, Hate Crime protections don’t apply. Hate Crimes have increased, Hate Crimes AGAINST Conservatives.

Whoopie than tries to mock the claims of the “Deep State,” which is a common Progressive MO when you are getting close to the truth. What is being discovered at the FBI will be the biggest Government scandal since…CAGW. Being the victim of 3 Obama IRS audits, I can attest to the existence of the Deep State.

This clip start where Whoopie gets “triggered.” The Trigger was the list of successes under President Trump.

Whoopie claims President Trump “whips up people to beat the hell out of people.” In reality, she confused President Trump with Maxine Waters and the Resistance and ANTIFA Movements. Her amnesia and selective moral outrage is epic.

In reality, Whoopie simply demonstrates the complete and utter ignorance of the Progressive Base, and how their ideology is based upon false narratives, selective moral outrage, hypocrisy, amnesia and willful and intentional ignorance. They are willing to undermine America and Americans by painting them as hateful racists all for political gain. Just because you disagree with a Progressive doesn’t make you a hateful racist, it simply makes you someone that relies on facts over rhetoric, wise, principled, and not easily deceived by lies.

Trump-Supporting Veteran Violently Attacked By LA Mob (Video)

Ironically, Whoopie doesn’t seem to understand that most of those “hateful” people Trump appeals to are Blue Collar Ex-Democrats that voted for President Obama. She seems in denial that President Trump won by turning Blue States Red. Democrats elected President Trump, not Republicans. That is the harshest truth of all, and the most painful for Progressives.

Selective Moral Outrage, the Hallmark of Progressive Politics.

An ex-con was charged Wednesday in the brutal murder in Oakland of a black teenage girl, one of three deaths occurring in the last week on Bay Area Rapid Transit, but the only one that has stoked widespread outrage over crime.

That may be because the suspect in 18-year-old Nia Wilson’s brutal murder is white, while the other two men sought in attacks on BART passengers are black.

John Lee Cowell, 27, a white ex-con with a lengthy mental-health history


The #1 Cause of Death for a Young Black Man is another Young Black Man. You will never hear a Progressive mention that stat. (Source)

The Intra-race murder rate for blacks is astonishing, yet Progressives completely ignore it and focus on the rare events that can stoke racial division. (Source)

Protests erupt in Chicago after black man fatally shot by police (Source)

Watch – Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘The Left Thinks They Have a Right to Shut You Down’ (Source)

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