Facebook is Being Pressured to Censor Climate Realists; NewsFlash, They Already Are


Facebook, well-known as a breeding ground for misinformation, has a particular problem with disseminating false and misleading messages about climate change science. The platform spreads climate-denying videos and other posts, hosts climate-denying ads, and officially partners with climate-denying media outlets and organizations.

Climate-denier videos get millions of views on Facebook
A recent video promoting false arguments against climate change science got more than 5 million views on Facebook, The Guardian’s Dana Nuccitelli reported last week.

The video — posted in June by The Daily Signal, an arm of the right-wing Heritage Foundation — is titled “Why Climate Change Is Fake News.” It features Marc Morano, a longtime spokesperson and blogger for the climate-denial cause, who outlines three things that “the left gets wrong about climate change.” Nuccitelli points out that all three are common and easily debunked myths.

Nuccitelli notes that Facebook’s viewership numbers are likely inflated, but the video has still reached a lot of people


This may be news to Media Matters because they live in an echo chamber bubble, but Facebook already censors Climate Realists like this Blog.

Congress Should Break Up Hatebook into Independent Identity Facebooks

Currently, we have a Post that has 162 shares on Facebook, yet total views from Facebook for all posts barely breaks 200 views for the week. Today’s views are imaged below.

Censorship 2

Censorship 1

The problem I see is that Facebook, a group of Millineal Programmers, have deemed themselves the arbiter of the Truth for all subjects, regardless of qualification. I challenge anyone at Facebook to publically debate this issue. If anyone at Facebook can publically wind a debate refuting any of the claims made in this following linked post, I’ll publically admit that Man Made Climate Science is not a hoax. If Facebook is going to censor Climate Realists, we should at least be given our chance to make a public defense of our positon.

So bring it on Facebook. Prove CO2isLife is wrong and that your position isn’t based upon complete ignorance of the subject. Prove to the public that your actions are in fact justified and that you can actually win a public debate on the real science behind global warming…err, sorry, climate change.

Hey Facebook. Defend in Public why you are Shadow Banning this Following Post. Better now on your own terms than when Congress forces you to do so if your Tyranny continues. The more people like me that you censor, the louder the cry will become to force Facebook to defend its actions in public. As this following post proves, it won’t end well for the ignorant censors.

Isolating the Impact of CO2 on Atmospheric Temperatures; Conclusion is CO2 has No Measurable Impact

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