Compare Kanye to the Kneelers, Chicago and 8 Years of “Hope and Change”

Kanye has no problem explaining why he supports President Trump. Can anyone explain why the Kneelers do what they do? On a side note, just look at Chicago. 8 Years of President Obama and Rahm Emanuel and Chicago is worst off. The Kneelers are silent about the real issues and injustices facing America and are political tools pushing a divisive false narrative of a Racist America and a Racist Police Force.

Rahm can’t spin his way out of the Chicago street gang wars (Source)

Emanuel Declares Chicago a ‘Trump-Free Zone’ on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ (Source)

Chicago and Detroit are monuments to Progressive Policies. There are a few wealthy powerful “elites” and they keep the impoverished masses hopeless, dependent, impoverished, poorly educated and voting Democrat.

Spin it as they will try, the Democrats will never be able to fool enough Americans to ignore the Trump economic and FBI Hate Crime Stats. One narrative is supported by solid record breaking stats, the other exposes the Big Lie of the Democrat Racist False Narrative.

Trump bue

What Really Triggered Whoopie?; The Painful Truth of America Winning

If America wants more Chicagos and Detroits, they would vote Democrat. If they want prosperity and unity She should vote for Trump. The only ones crying America is divided are the very ones manufacturing the division. If the Kneelers and Democrats want a united America where a rising tide lifts all boats, they have that with President Trump.

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