As Predicted, Climate Change Hysteria is Evaporating

Just recently we wrote a blog post about why Climate Change Hysteria most likely had reached a peak and would be abandoned by the Democratic Party. The reason is simple, Climate Change isn’t and never was about saving the planet, it was all about the money. Climate Change was going to be the next tobacco settlement. That was until the SF Lawsuit against the climate majors made it clear that climate change issues weren’t going to be settled in the courts, they were to be settled by Congress. With a swing of a gavel, all the Democrat’s hopes and dreams of looting the oil majors evaporated. There no longer was any money to be made promoting the Climate Change Hoax.

Why Climate Change Hysteria Has Peaked. Mark Today as the Day Climate Change as a Viable Issue has Died (Source)

The above post was written exactly 1 month ago, and today we get this from the Sierra Club detailing how the Democratic Party is fleeing the Climate Change issue as if it never even existed. Next, Democrats will be promoting Fracking in NY and Vermont to prove they were never believers in Man Made Climate Change, and that it was the Republicans that were blocking the Fracking all along.

The Democratic Party Has a Climate Change Problem

The Democratic Party appears to be moving backward on climate action

In late May—days after President Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal—Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer stood in front of a gas pump at a D.C. Exxon and lambasted the president for his role in raising gas prices for Americans across the country.

If that image—a Democratic leader griping about the unavailability of cheap fossil fuel for internal combustion engines—seems out of touch with the image of a party that has positioned itself to be the leading voice on climate action, you haven’t been paying attention to the way that the Democratic Party, as an institution, deals with climate change.

Take the party’s recent bit of backtracking on a resolution to prohibit fossil fuel companies from contributing to political campaigns. A little over a week ago, the Democratic National Committee reversed its position on a previously adopted resolution that prohibited donations from fossil-fuel-aligned corporate PACs. According to DNC chairman Tom Perez, the reversal was done out of support for fossil fuel workers and labor interests—specifically as an olive branch to union members who have fled from the party in recent years. (Source)

Simply put, if you can’t beat them, join them. The Oil Majors and Industrial Unions can out donate Sierra Club, and deliver far more voters. Climate Change Legislation and Policies are a major reason President Trump won, and Democrats know that if they ever want to win again, they will have to abandon the Climate Change nonsense. Americans simply don’t buy the lie, and they stopped voting Democrats because they don’t like being lied to. Oh, and there is no more money in it anyway, which is what started this hoax in the beginning.

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