Global Warming Pause Extends…Becoming Clear IPCC Grossly Overstated Projected Warming

After a complete failure by the IPCC climate models and the crazy assignment of CO2 as a pollutant, scientific reason must once again return to the climate discussion.

Neither did the sea ice in the Arctic disappear in the summer of 2016 as it was often predicted by nutty scientists (even by NASA, who wrote that Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013), nor have global temperatures risen by an significance over the past 20 years, thus contradicting the projections of IPCC models. (Source)

BTW, look at the graphic. The only reason it has a positive slope is because of the arbitrary starting point in 1979 (The Coming Ice Age Period). Had the data started just 3 years later it would have a negative slope right now. The way regressions are calculated pretty much guarantees that the slope of that line if almost certain to flatten with time. The next down-leg of the trend should flatten the regression towards a 0.00 slope.

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3 thoughts on “Global Warming Pause Extends…Becoming Clear IPCC Grossly Overstated Projected Warming”

  1. Love your postings; crisp, clear and to the point. Could you explain how regressions are calculated and why that is important. And maybe you could show the graph 3 years later just for comparison.


    1. Yes, we will definitely be following this into the future. A regression is just a “best fit” line that minimizes the difference between the data point and the regression line. You can tell from the data majority of the new data is lowering the average, and as new data is added that is below the regression, it will tend to pull the line down with it, flattening its slope.


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