Real Climate Science is Finally Figuring Things Out; Its the Sun Stupid

We here at CO2isLife don’t have Ph.D. in Climate Science, we have Ph.D.s in Common Sense and Masters in Honesty and Fairness. The whole purpose of this Blog is to expose what we view as nothing short of Scientific Fraud perpetrated by the “Consensus”  of Climate Science Departments. We believed that if a group of amateurs could do a better job explaining the climate than the experts we would produce credible evidence that the entire field of Climate Science as defined by the “Consensus” is a fraud.

Years ago when we looked at the real science and physics behind the climate it was easy to identify the major factors that drive climate change and none of them were CO2. The key observation was that the oceans were warming. It takes enormous amounts of energy to warm water, energy simply not contained in the 13 to 18 Micron Long Wave IR that CO2 absorbs and emits.

To warm the oceans you need more radiation to reach the oceans. To accomplish that you need either 1) A warmer sun 2) fewer clouds blocking radiation from reaching the oceans or 3) both. The climate model truly is that simple. It is a simple input/output model. The oceans are the thermostat of the earth. The oceans are the hypothalamus of the earth. Understand the oceans and you understand the climate. Climate Scientists study the climate when they should be studying the oceans. A warming atmosphere is a symptom of a warming ocean. Blaming a warming atmosphere on CO2 is like blaming a fever of a person’s sweat. Climate Scientists are simply barking up the wrong tree.

Well, guess what? Some non-Consensus Real Climate Scientists have also looked at the data and they have reached the exact same conclusion we did here years ago. The sun drives the ocean temperatures which in turn warms the atmosphere. What is really nice about this new research, however, is that they have made a forecast that we will be able to use to validate or invalidate the theory.

The Millennial Turning Point – Solar Activity and the Coming Cooling

Because of the thermal inertia of the oceans there is a varying lag between the solar activity MTP and the varying climate metrics. The temperature peak is about 2003/4 – lag is about 12 years. The arctic sea ice volume minimum was in 2012 +/- lag = 21 years. Possible sea level Millennial Turning Point – Oct 2015 lag = 24 years +/- (see ) Since Oct 2015 sea level has risen at a rate of only 8.3 cms/century. It will likely begin to fall within the next 4 or 5 years. For the details see data, discussion, and forecasts in Figs 3,4,5,10,11,and 12 in the links below. (Source)

If the above forecast holds true, it will go a long way to discrediting the entire “Consensus” model of CO2 drive climate change. Al Gore et al have forecasts that conveniently extend beyond the expected lifetime of the reader. The above forecast can be invalidated in a few years.

Follow the Forecast using these sources:

Colorado ENSO (Source)

Colorado Sea Level (Source)

Colorado Sea Level Graph (Source) (Warning)

KNMI Climate Explorer (Source)

Global Temperatures (Source)

NASA Sea Level (Source)

Original Journal Article (Source)

In conclusion, if a group of non-Consensus Scientists can create a better model than the “Consensus,” then the “Consensus” is simply wrong. The inspirational goal of CO2isLife was to highlight a model that is far superior to the “Consensus” CO2 model. Finally, we have some researchers publishing some research quantifying this model so that we can either validate or invalidate this model.


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