Who is Stupid Enough to Lie about Something Caught on Tape and Seen by Millions? CNN and Jim Acosta

Here is the actual video published by CNN. The still/Thumbnail they chose shows Jim pushing the intern’s arm. CNN literally provides the evidence to prove that their top WH Reporter and Anderson Cooper are extremely unethical and dishonest.

This is how Conservative Media handle bad behavior.

Neil Munro, reporter who heckled Obama, out at Daily Caller (Source)

BTW, CNN never had a problem when Obama went after journalists.

Obama DOJ formally accuses journalist in leak case of committing crimes (Source)

Shocked by Trump aggression against reporters and sources? The blueprint was drawn by Obama. (Source)

Seizing journalists’ records: An outrage that Obama ‘normalized’ for Trump (Source)

If Donald Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama (Source)


Anyone that ever attended a Tea Party and then watched the CNN Report on the event knows just how completely and intentionally dishonest their reporting is. They are truly deplorable.

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2 thoughts on “Who is Stupid Enough to Lie about Something Caught on Tape and Seen by Millions? CNN and Jim Acosta”

  1. I think I sorta saw this coming, when I noticed the day before that the MMM (mass media mobsters ; ) echo phrase was; Why are right wingers always so angry? . . and I wondered what in the world they were on about, since I had not seen/heard any sign of Fake News worthy anger among people on the “right” . . until I saw this Acosta episode, wherein at first I wondered why he was being so childishly obstinate about shutting the eff up and passing the mike, after Mr. Trump responded to his “question” wherein he argued about THE PRESIDENT OF THE freaking UNITED STATES using a term as he saw fit, rather than as Mr. Acosta insisted he ought to . . At which point two and two came slithering together in my head, and I realized they were setting up the narrative that the Pres. was not only a racist, homophobic, xenophobe with a low IQ, but was also being consumed by anger . . . . ; )


    1. Republicans lost an election and there were no riots. Compare a Tea Party to a Leftist mob or riot. There is no comparison. The left are just angry people no matter how they try to deceive the public.


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