A Nobel Prize in Science Winning Climate Experiment; An Open Challenge to Settle the Science


The benefit the Climate Alarmists have is that Climate “Science” isn’t a physical science, it is a computer and political science. Climate Scientists deliberately don’t perform experiments to validate their “science.” They write computer programs and collaborate with environmental and political groups to sway opinions. The proof that climate science is pure nonsense is that their computer models and theory don’t accurately reflect observational data. Don’t take my word for it, that is the opinion of one of if not the greatest mind living today, Freeman Dyson.

Freeman Dyson on Climate Change; “Those People Don’t Look at the Observations, They are in a World of Their Own.”

The challenge then becomes for someone outside the Climate Science community to develop an irrefutable experiment that debunks the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory, or CAGW. An experiment that can withstand scrutiny, be replicated countless times and demonstrated in every classroom worldwide. I think I have that very experiment.

The experiment is surprisingly simple. Just recently a Peer-Reviewed Climate Science article was debunked by a non-climate science statistician. Steve McIntyre found mathematical flaws in the Peer-Reviewed IPCC embraced Hockey Stick as well. Math and statistics aren’t requirements to succeed in Climate Science, reaching the conclusion that CO2 is the cause is all that matters.


That flawed article, however, provides the basis for the Nobel Prize Winning Science Experiment. All the Climate Alarmists agree that the oceans are warming due to CO2. A CO2 driven warming of the oceans is critical to the CAGW theory. If CO2 isn’t warming the Oceans than the CAGW theory is invalidated.

The whole experiment then boils down to answering the question “Can CO2 cause water to warm?” It is that simple. Surprisingly that question hasn’t been definitively answered in this “settled science.”


  • The oceans are warming
  • CO2’s only defined mechanism by which to affect climate change is through absorption/radiation/thermalization of 13 to 18µ Long Wave Infrared Radiation
  • 13 to 18µ Long Wave Infrared Radiation does not penetrate the oceans to any significant depth, it is completely absorbed in the surface “microlayer”
  • CO2 does not cause warming, 13 to 18µ Long Wave Infrared Radiation does

With that background, we can then design the experiment.

  • MODTRAN provides the calculations needed to identify the marginal changes in W/M^2 of downward IR back radiation generated by additional CO2 (Link)
  • Calculate the W/M^2 for Pre-Industrial CO2 of 280 ppm, the current level of 400 PPM and doubling at 800 ppm using the “Looking Up” calculation
  • Shine the calculated amount of W/M^2 of 13 to 18µ Long Wave Infrared Radiation onto a body of water enclosed in an insulated container with a blackbody absorber for a lid
  • Record the rate of temperature change to see if the sample with the additional 13 to 18µ Long Wave Infrared Radiation applied cools at a slower rate than the control sample
  • The control atmospheric environment needs to have 280 PPM CO2 for all samples
  • The additional W/M^2 or 13 to 18µ Long Wave Infrared Radiation represents the effect of additional CO2 being added

Here are the necessary MODTRAN Calculations and W/M^2 Values:

The “Control” has CO2 of 280 ppm in the atmosphere and Downward IR Heat Flux 368.636 W/m2

The “Current” has CO2 of 400 ppm in the atmosphere and Downward IR Heat Flux 369.264 W/m2 (+0.628 W/M^2 over control)

The “Double” has CO2 of 800 ppm in the atmosphere and Downward IR Heat Flux 371.148 W/m2 (+2.512 W/M^2 over control)



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The Experiment Equipment:

  • Enclosed space with 280 ppm CO2 representing per-industrial Downward IR Heat Flux
  • 3 insulated containers of water raised to 10°C above room temperature
  • A blackbody lid (Egg Crate Foam soaked in a charcoal slurry)(This represents outer space)
  • IR Light Source and 13 to 18µ filter

The Experiment:

  • Warm the water sample to 10°C above room temperature
  • Place the water in an insulated container with a blackbody absorber as the lid
  • Place it in the control environment of 280 ppm CO2
  • Record how long it takes to cool to room temperature
  • Repeat, but for each new sample shine the needed amount of additional 13 to 18µ Long Wave IR
  • Collect data to identify the marginal change in cooling rate for additional amounts of 13 to 18µ Long Wave IR
  • Repeat the experiment using room temperature water and record if the additional 13 to 18µ Long Wave IR can actually cause a measurable warming
  • Convert the findings from W/M^2 of 13 to 18µ Long Wave IR to ppm CO2
  • Publish your findings either proving or disproving that CO2 and 13 to 18µ Long Wave IR can, in fact, warm water (slow cooling)
  • Collect your Nobel Prize in Science for validating or invalidating the CAGW Theory
  • Finally “settle” this science

Because Climate Scientists aren’t required to develop computer models that actually reflect reality, they will be able to indefinitely promote their cause. They will never run out of bogus computer models and excuses. Their believers already believe them without valid computer models or supporting physical observations. It is the ideal Anti-Science Cult, packaged as real science. What is needed to shatter the Global Warming Myth is an irrefutable reproducible experiment. The first thing the Romans did when they conquered a nation was to destroy their temples to shatter the belief of all its followers. To prove to the people that the Romans were more powerful than their gods. Real scientists need to step up and develop an experiment to shatter the Temple of Computer Servers and end this Cult of Climate Change. Their weapon needs to be the scientific method.

This experiment could possibly be run using a CO2 laser.

A second experiment would be to demonstrate that nights with a full moon are statistically warmer than nights without a moon. If CO2 can cause climate change so can the moon.

A Full Moon’s Irradiance is 1/6th that of CO2 in W/M^2

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17 thoughts on “A Nobel Prize in Science Winning Climate Experiment; An Open Challenge to Settle the Science”

  1. Seems to me that there is one other potential mechanism for heat transfer to the oceans that must be considered: transfer from the atmosphere. If the air is warmed due to the action of CO2, than a certain amount of that heat will be transferred to the water below it.


    1. Paul, H2O saturated the absorption of 13 to 18 micron LWIR up to about 3 km. CO2 is irrelevant until an altitude of about 3 km. With or without CO2, 100% of 13 to 18 micron LWIR is absorbed by the atmosphere.


    1. I’ll look into the Methane but there are a couple of issues with Methane that I understand exist: 1) it rapidly breaks down in the atmosphere so it has a short life as a greenhouse gas and 2) it doesn’t have a dipole so I don’t see how it even is a greenhouse gas

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is a GHG because it scatters IR radiation. This is why it can be detected by an infrared laser. When the laser hits, the gas scatters the beam and that can be detected off to the side. Lots of gases can be detected using IR lasers.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Stick to the science and keep asking “how does this relate back to 13 to 18 micron LWIR?” People attribute everything to CO2, but they can never explain by what mechanism. Good luck.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I was waiting for someone with better credentials to say this, but I haven’t seen it.

    Most of the CO2 that we see is due to the temperature recovery from the Little Ice Age (LIA) with a lag of 200 years . Coincidentally, a much smaller amount is being added by humans. It’s an accident that warmists, the IPCC and their much-amplified propaganda machine have taken advantage of.


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