IPCC Demands $240/gal Gasoline Tax While France Burns


IPCC Demands $240/gal Gasoline Tax!


FRANK: I think — I think most Americans think that the earth is warming. I think there’s a legitimate debate to be had on whether that is man made and, if so, to what extent. But we at Americans for Prosperity, we are an economic group, and we are trying to point out the high cost of the so-called solutions out there. We’re talking about $8-a-gallon gasoline. We’re talking about millions of people losing their jobs. And that’s what we’ve been…

COLMES: And the way to solve that problem is to have renewable energy sources. Because the short-term solutions, like speculating on oil. And when Al Gore said — you want to talk about the messenger. I want to talk about the message. Gore said that we should be able to produce all of our electricity with earth-friendly carbon-free power, do you disagree with that?


Aren’t High Gas Prices Part of What Gore Believes In?–Kemp in IBD (Source)

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