What has the World Gotten for its Climate Change Dollars? Absolutely Nothing

Climate Change Investment Totals USD $359 Billion Worldwide (Source)

Hundreds of billions of dollars could have been spent improving the lives of individuals across the globe. We could have brought affordable energy, clean water, schools, roads and hospitals to Africa. We could have lower the fuel prices for the people now rioting in France. We didn’t. We wasted countless dollars on pure nonsense of which the benefits are quantifiably NON-EXISTANT. The slope of atmospheric CO2 remains 100% unaltered after pouring hundreds of billions of dollars down the climate change hoax rat hole. The only tangible benefit that we have gotten is finally an awakening in France to just what a monumental waste this entire climate change crusade has been. We can only hope to spreads to other Nations and we can purge the world of the scourge of this Climate Change Hoax.

The People in France and the rest of the World are justifiably angry. Their tax dollars have been wasted on pure nonsense while real problems go unaddressed.

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