Let’s Get Ready to RRRRuuuummmmbbbbbleee!!!!! Climate Change Cage Match

How did the longest running show on TV address this exact same situation?


Meet the Press Bans Real Science From Climate Debate; Science is Settled

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to RRRRuuuummmmbbbbbleee!!!!! Climate Change Cage Match”

  1. I can’t stand this guy anymore, he’s a bullshit artist to me, advocating for the wonderfulness of bullshit (calls it “persuasion” ; ) . . His ignorance is stunning at times, like when he says here that those who argue that more CO2 is surely a good thing are not “persuasive” because a hundred times as much as we have now might be bad . . No concept of how utterly impossible is it for humans to produce anything remotely like that level of CO2.

    One time I saw him making the argument that illegal aliens should be seen as a good thing, in part because they commit less crime than Americans in general . . which caused me (and others I noticed) to vehemently challenge that assertion, with some example stats and links. Two days later, he posted something that included some BS about how “we” are just now beginning to learn that illegal aliens might no be very law abiding, with no disclaimer/apology or mention that many of “we” have obviously known that for years . . I spose such niceties would not be conducive to his future “persuasiveness” factor . .


    1. Yes John Knight you are bang on. Scott Adams is an exemplar of that charming yet utterly idiotic American notion that any man who has convinced himself that so long as he is uniquely gifted with “critical thinking” his ability to be “persuaded” must surely mean he has dicovered “the truth”.

      What a phuqing idiot


      1. I personally like the approach. He is simply setting up a compare and contrast. He is allowing the experts to put up or shut up. He is calling their bluff.


    2. Morning John – I have been able to find some good studies in Texas adn Arizona on factual incarceration rates and it does not look too good for the Illegals – but I was hoping you might have your links that you mentioned above that also point out how illegals are in-fact more criminal than what the media is falsely pushing. I already have tons of proof that illegals commit more crimes that legal immigrants do – so sure we should support legal over illegal immigration. just curious about how illegals stack up compared to the general public on average. – thanks


      1. Yo Martin, as you seem to know, it’s a rather complex matter and Federal/national level crime stats are not easily related to overall illegal alien crime rates, which made Mr. Adams’ casual assertion somewhat surprising to me, as I had looked into the matter in the run up to the 2016 election, and found some State level studies/data that seemed to cast some strong doubt on the notion that this is an especially law abiding “demographic” . .

        I just did a simple search for my comment to Mr. Adams to demonstrate that this is not “settled science” (so to speak ; ) and asked if he had done some investigating himself . . I had the impression initially that this was a person who “knew what he was talking about” . . but was by that point becoming skeptical of that early impression. My take on his subsequent comment about “we” beginning to learn they might not be all that law abiding was that h3e had not, before his initial assertion . . And I soon came to see his “casual” approach as typical.


  2. I’m not bitching about his basic “compare and contrast” approach, but it’s not calling anyone’s “bluff” as he’s framing it, it’s contrasting “persuasiveness” . . (as in, potential con artistry ; )


  3. Well, he’s already given an ostensible logical thinking lesson, about how his ability to imagine us stoking the atmospheric CO2 by a hundred times over, renders it inherently good grounds/reason for not being persuaded by people like yourself (and me) who essentially think more CO2 is better, with no achievable threat from too much . .

    He’s already taught his “students” what are to me ridiculous lessons in poor logic and research into the featured topic . . I’ve seen this movie before, he’s not a . . fact based thinker, it seems to me. He sort of uses whatever impressions/reactions that occur in himself, as an inherently valid measure of the “persuasiveness” of those advocating for whatever position. And postulates that’s really what we’re all doing . . like we’re just little people, who must be persuaded by one or another authority/expert . . (and it might as well be him ; )


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