Hate-Crime Hoaxes Reflect America’s Sickness

Hate-Crime Hoaxes Reflect America’s Sickness (Source)

Hate crimes and hoaxes: 10 campus stories debunked in 2017 (Source)

Jussie Smollett’s Hate Hoax (Source)

Paul Craig Roberts Explores A ‘Disunited America’

Prior to the Democrats becoming the anti-American political party of Identity Politics, whites, blacks, and Puerto Ricans could laugh at themselves and at one another…Americans had to be trained to this new mentality…Everyone knew it was all in fun. No one in his right mind would really insult the heavyweight champion of the world while standing next to him…The race and gender hatreds instilled by identity Politics have not only produced a humorless country but also a disunited country…Identity Politics gives us not only fake news but also fake history…American society is headed for a split as serious as the Shiite and Sunni. (Source)

Where Have All The Hate Criminals Gone?

Liberals must love hate crimes. Why else would they fabricate so many of them?

It could be that few events do more to both foster the liberal narrative and further the liberal political agenda than an old-fashioned skoal-chomping, meth-snorting, beer-can-chucking hate crime committed by some racist, toothless wife-beater-clad redneck. And if there’s a Confederate flag flying somewhere, so much the better. (Source)

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