Hate Crime Statistics Prove “Deplorable Trump Supporter” is a Totally False Narrative

Watching Meet the Press this A.M, Chuck Todd was searching desperately for a way to forward the Right-Wing Racist narrative. He, of course, failed to discuss the real threat to society, divisive identity politics and the hate crime hoaxes that can mobilize millions of people into action and garner unquestioning support from the countless progressives willing to believe anything that feeds their false view of the world. Instead Chuck Todd, commentator of the “longest running news show in history,” chose to focus on the truly deplorable White Nationalist Coast Guard Lieutenant that was plotting violence against liberals. (Source)


Chuck took this needle in a haystack and attempted to turn it into a Nationwide epidemic. What evidence did he provide? An article in the New York Magazine that actually provided some stats for his show. It is important to remember that America is a highly diverse Nation of over 325 Million people. With such diversity, no Nation could ever possibly be free of some inter-racial conflicts, but Progressives seem determined to use every single rare and unfortunate event to make it a National issue and opportunity to smear their political opponents. That is what you do when you don’t have any real solutions to real problems. Here is one that the Progressives like Chuck Todd seem to choose to ignore.

No 1 Cause

Here is another one.


And another.

Black Poverty

And another.

Dropout Rates

And another.


And another.


Keep in mind that there are almost 2 murders per day in Chicago (Source), and the last lynching occurred back in the early 1980s and it bankrupted the KKK. (Source)

Now, with that background, what explosive and convincing data did Chuck Todd Produce?

White supremacists and other far-right extremists have killed far more people since Sept. 11, 2001, than any other category of domestic extremist. The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism has reported that 71 percent of the extremist-related fatalities in the United States between 2008 and 2017 were committed by members of the far right or white-supremacist movements. Islamic extremists were responsible for just 26 percent.

Ignoring that on a per-capita basis the 26% attributable to Islamic Extremism is an astronomically high number when put in relative terms, 71% is a big and frightening number. White supremacists are responsible for 71%!!! Run for the hills…and be sure to vote for the Democrat that will keep you safe from hate.

Problem is, 71% of a small number is a small number. The article goes on and provides more details.

In 2017, there were 65 incidents totaling 95 deaths. In a recent analysis of the data by the news site Quartz, roughly 60 percent of those incidents were driven by racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, antigovernment or other right-wing ideologies. Left-wing ideologies, like radical environmentalism, were responsible for 11 attacks. Muslim extremists committed just seven attacks.

Let’s do the math:

  1. 65 out of a population of 325 million is statistically 0.00%
  2. 40% or 26 were performed by Leftists
  3. 60% or 39 were performed by racists, racism is not a value embraced by the Political Right, and is present over the entire political spectrum
  4. 39 is the equivalent of 2 weeks of murders in Chicago alone
  5. Muslims account for 1.1% of the US Population making them statistically by far the most dangerous group
  6. Membership in the KKK and neo-Nazi groups has been FALLING (Source)
  7. Black Nationalist Groups have been INCREASING and are now 264 strong (Source)
  8. There are almost 2x as many Black Nationalist groups as White Nationalist groups 148 vs 264 (Source)
  9. KKK groups have dropped by over 60% in the past 3 years, falling from 130 to 51
  10. White supremacy groups have no political power, President Trump’s policies have been unbelievably positive for the Black Community (Source)
  11. There are no KKK offices in large Black Communities, and if there are, they have no way to affect the lives of blacks living in those communities to any large extent
  12. The KKK isn’t responsible for the problems in the Black Community
  13. The only real power the KKK has is as a tool for Progressive Groups to maintain power through exploiting the fears, vulnerabilities, and insecurities of minorities

If the Progressives are right, that racism and extremism is a threat to America, they only focus on one of the threats, the threat that is the least threatening on a per-capita basis. Facts are, no American should fear any of these extremist groups. They are populated by losers that have no real political power or way to affect the masses. The Political Right could take the same statistics and make a far more convincing argument against Black Nationalists and Muslim Extremism. In either case, if Progressives truly cared about this issue, they would be arguing for building the Wall, because the easiest way to increase the number of extremists in the US is through the Southern Border.

Progressives simply use emotional terrorism to exploit the fears, vulnerabilities, and insecurities of minorities. This allows Progressives to remain in power and never solve any of the real problems facing the Black Community. The Black Community is like the Palestinians are to the Muslim World, a vulnerable group that is easy to manipulate using fear of a Boogie Man in order to maintain the power of a few tyrants. Progressives are the true basket of deplorables. As long as the Black Community demands nothing from their “leaders” other than fear mongering, exploitation and neglect, nothing will ever change. “If you keep doing what you do, you’ll keep getting whatcha got.”



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