If Reality Backs A Climate Change Apocalypse, Why Do Elections Change Politician’s Minds? Climate Change Is and Always Will Be A Non-Scientific Political Issue

If Climate Change is really going to end life on earth, why do the Climate Alarmist Politicians abandon the issue once its Political Liability becomes apparent? Are these Politicians suddenly interested in ending all life as we know it, including their own, or are they simply proving what most people have known all along, that Climate Change was and is nothing more than the latest in a long line of Progressive Hoxes to fool the public into voting away their freedoms and empowering the Government?

The Wicked/Guilty flee when no one pursues, the Righteous stand as bold as lions. A single election and the Progressives flee like rats from a burning/sinking ship.

Australia plans coalfield the size of Britain in climate change U-turn (Source)

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