Wind Patterns, not Warming, are Causing Loss of Arctic Ice

Speak of the Devil; Nature Confirms the Arctic Sea Ice Atmospheric Circulation Theory

Northern Atlantic Storm Shows How Natural Causes Affect Arctic Sea Ice

More Ice In The Eastern Arctic Than A Century Ago

Climate “Science” on Trial; The Moment of Truth

A while back Tony Heller over at Real Climate Science was promoting the theory that Arctic Winds, not warming, were causing the Arctic Ice to decline. The above-linked articles cover the topic. Today however there is a validation of that theory over at Polar Bear Science.

Polar bear habitat update: open water primarily due to winds pushing pack ice

This is the time year when declining sea ice gets some people all worked up. However, declining ice is normal at this time of year and there is always variation in where the most open water appears first. At this time of year, there isn’t much ice ‘melt’ going on. Rather, what we are seeing is the opening up of shore leads and polynyas by winds. (Source)

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