The Pope Simply has it Wrong

Lord Monckton corrects Pope Francis on climate: ‘The totalitarians got the science wrong’ – Carbon dioxide is NOT a ‘satanic gas’ (Source)

BTW, why would the Pope drive people away from the Church and into the hands of the Government? What is the Pope’s message? Don’t pray, Vote Democrat? Man is now in control of the Climate? The Pope seems to forget who crucified Jesus. Jesus only got upset once, and it was in response to what basically was a Temple Tax. Jesus led the first Tea Party uprising. The corrupt Pharasis in cahoots with the Tyrannical Government eventually crucified him. The Pope teaming up with the Government should concern everyone.

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3 thoughts on “The Pope Simply has it Wrong”

  1. To me, this man is “preaching” that God left vast amounts of extremely useful fuels all over the world, that if used would cause plant life to flourish, including crops, which would allow more of the poor to feed themselves and their families, among many other benefits . . but it’s a trap He laid, a trick, a deception that will wreak havoc on us if we take His bait, so to speak.

    I know of a “god” who pulls nasty stunts like that . . but he is not a Creator . .


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