Source for Skeptical Reports

Extensive Anthology That Refutes Man-Made Global Warming (Source)

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4 thoughts on “Source for Skeptical Reports”

  1. I’ve already sent you my paper, entitled “A Comprehensive Debunking Of The Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) Hypothesis Utilizing Particle Physics First Principles”, but here’s an addition to it:

    The radiative cooling of air via solely translational mode energy converting to radiation:
    CO2 {v20(0)} + CO2 {v20(0)} –> CO2 {v20(0)} + C02 {v21(1)} –> CO2 {v20(0)} + CO2 {v20(0)} + 667 cm-1
    You’ll note this is a direct conversion of translational mode energy (which we perceive as temperature) to 14.98352 micron radiation. This directly cools the air, and the effect is significant, since nearly all the translational mode energy is converted to radiation, leaving the CO2 molecules at a very low temperature, whereupon they absorb energy by colliding with other atmospheric constituents. The effect begins taking place significantly at ~288 K, the temperature at which the majority of the CO2 molecules will have sufficient translational mode energy to convert to vibrational mode energy. 288 K also happens to be the stated average global temperature… that is not a coincidence, it is a mechanism long known (ref: As CO2 concentration increases, this effect will become more pronounced, increasingly damping any temperature excursions above ~288K.

    As always, feel free to use any information in the paper however you wish. I’m not looking for credit, I’m looking to kill the many-headed CAGW hydra before it destroys our civilization and way of life.


  2. Dear CO2 is Life, I would like to send you a complete article with its associated photos supporting your efforts against Climate Change Hysteria, please inform me how to send it to you.


    1. Louis, is there a way to post it on the web and send a link? We don’t have anything set up for direct communications.


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