Extreme Climate and Droughts are Nothing New; Collapse of the Akkadian Empire Circa 2,200 B.C.


UNDER the renowned Sargon and his successors, the Akkadians of Mesopotamia forged the world’s first empire more than 4,300 years ago. They seized control of cities along the Euphrates River and on the fruitful plains to the north, all in what is now Iraq, Syria and parts of southern Turkey. Then, after only a century of prosperity, the Akkadian empire collapsed abruptly, for reasons that have been lost to history…A team of archeologists, geologists and soil scientists has now found evidence that seems to solve the mystery. The Akkadian empire, they suggest, was beset by a 300-year drought and literally dried up. A microscopic analysis of soil moisture at the ruins of Akkadian cities in the northern farmlands disclosed that the onset of the drought was swift and the consequences severe, beginning about 2200 B.C.

This is the first time an abrupt climate change has been directly linked to the collapse of a thriving civilization,” said Dr. Harvey Weiss, a Yale University archeologist and leader of the American-French research team. (Source)

The same fate befell the late Bronze Age Kingdoms. Climate Change Caused the Pre-Industrial Bronze Age Collapse

The only thing the recent climate change hysteria proves is that climate alarmists are not only ignorant of basic science, but they are completely ignorant of history as well. CO2 was under 280 ppm during both the collapse of the Akkadian and late Bronze Age Empires, and neither period had SUVs, Coal Burning Power Plants, Fossil Fuels, and/or internal combustion engines. In fact, they relied on wind, water, solar power, and burning trees.

New Drought Atlas Maps 2,000 Years of Climate in Europe
Completes the First Big-Picture View Across Northern Hemisphere (Source)

Likewise, the Asia atlas, published in 2010, has led researchers to connect droughts, at least in part, to the fall of Cambodia’s Angkor culture in the 1300s, and China’s Ming dynasty in the 1600s.

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