More Evidence the WAPO will Ignore; Science Journalism is a Joke

We just recently published an article highlighting just how pathetic the science reporting was at the WAPO. Not only did the reporter ignore obviously exculpatory evidence, the graphic he provided didn’t support his case.

WAPO Accidentialy Debunks Melting Glacier Due to CO2

It should have been clear to the WAPO or anyone over the age of 9 years old, that an ice sheet floating on water could calve due to many factors other than CO2. The main cause of any melt was warm water, not CO2. This has now been demonstrated by the fact that there are plenty of volcanos near Iceland and Greenland, and the cause a great deal of ocean warming…and acidification.

Scientist Spots High Geothermal Heat Flux In East Greenland – ‘Dramatic Consequences For Ice Basal Melting’ (Source)

Geothermal heat flux can foment upper mantle temperature anomalies of 800–1000 °C, and these extreme heat intensities have been found to stretch across 500 km of central-east Greenland. This could result in “a significant contribution of ice melt to the ice-drainage system of Greenland” (Artemieva et al., 2019).

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