This Will Not End Well for Democrats

Why Democrats will never be able to impeach Trump is simple, the Russians NEVER hacked Hillary’s or the DNC server, it was an inside job done most likely my Mark Rich. The entire basis is a lie, and that was known from the start. The FBI has no evidence of the now Bleechbitted Server having been hacked by the Russians. There is plenty of evidence it was an inside job and the emails were transferred to a microdrive and handed to WikiLeaks.

William Barr is almost 100% certain to be looking into all the circumstances that Robert Mueller’s team conveniently failed to examine.

The Russians Never Hacked Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Server; Russian Collusion has Always Been a Hoax, it has all Been one Big Lie

This was how things were being reported before everything morphed into framing Trump for Russian Collusion. The facts are the facts, and no amount of spin will change that.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange initially stuck to WikiLeaks policy of neither confirming or denying sources but in January 2017 said that their “source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party“,[57][58] and the Russian government said it had no involvement.[59]

Comey testified that the FBI requested, but did not receive, physical access to the DNC servers.[60][61] According to Comey, the FBI did obtain copies of the servers and all the information on them, as well as access to forensics from CrowdStrike, a third-party cybersecurity company that reviewed the DNC servers.[61] Comey said that access through Crowdstrike was an “appropriate substitute” and called the firm a “highly respected private company.”[61][60] (Source)

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4 thoughts on “This Will Not End Well for Democrats”

  1. Many pundits and vocal officials (not running interference for the crime Party ; ) were forecasting pretty much what ended up happening at the hearing, and one is again struck by the apparently compulsive, even robotic “own goal” scored by the Dems . . They had to see it coming, so to speak, so logically, those who demanded Mr. Mueller testify must not be free to act in the best interests of the Party . . Big “swamp” critters are forcing their underlings to try desperate things, I conclude.

    (For the umpteenth time ; )


      1. No doubt, but it’s almost exclusively a one way path from left to right these days, as far as I can tell, and each awkward skirmish results in more people realizing it’s no longer their Party . . floating way out there on the edge of civilized society. Sure there’s a significant percentage of people who don’t find that disturbing, but I don’t think it’s enough to save the day for the crime team.


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