Just what Evidence do these Progressives Have to Base their Opinions Upon?

Without even looking, I’m almost 100% certain far more people were killed on 9/11 than there have been hate crimes perpetrated against Muslims by white men since 9/11. My bet is the number of Muslims killed by white men that would qualify as a hate crime is about 0.00. Put hate crimes on a per-capita basis and White Men are some of the most tolerant. Put hate crimes in perspective of a 320 million diverse population and America is by far one of if not the most tolerant nation in the history of the earth.

What benefit Progressives get from painting America with such a false and divisive narrative is beyond me. Progressives are the population that stands to lose the most when they finally get their wish of destroying America.

I didn’t even take the time to look up the stats, but here is the source.

FBI Hate Crime Statistics

Rand Paul: Maybe Ilhan Omar Would ‘Appreciate America More’ if She Visited Somalia (Source)

Georgia Democratic Lawmaker Appears To Be Caught Lying About Alleged Racist Encounter (Source)

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