Funny How Liberal Always Look the Other Way; Two Sets of Rules

Think the Justin Trudeau issues exposes hypocrisy? The virtue is always a front for the sin when dealing with Liberals.

BTW, is anyone truly stupid enough to think Justin Trudeau is a racist because he wore a costume? Are Drag Queens sexist? Since when have the Progressives become such hypersensitive Puritans? Are these minority groups such snowflakes that they can’t withstand someone wearing a costume? Do you see the media spending days covering a black politician that dressed up as a white character? Call me insensitive, but where is the harm? Why are progressives always looking for things to be offended by? Why aren’t they offended by Elizabeth Warren exploiting the laws intended to benefit true minorities? What a truly misguided bunch the press is.

Ted Kennedy on the Rocks

FROM THE GQ ARCHIVES: The once-strong voice of liberalism is now slurred, but the bibulous Kennedy boyo remains the life of the party. (Source)

It is possible that Kennedy did not know that the girls were underage or that they were pages and, as such, were under the protection of Congress, which serves in loco parentis.

Flashback: ‘Lion of the Senate’ Ted Kennedy’s Weird Sex Antics Widely Known (Source)

FLASHBACK: That Time GQ Laughed Off Teddy Kennedy’s Sexual Harassment And Assault (Source)

Progressives don’t believe in anything they claim to stand for. They stand only for power. You can do anything is you are progressive, the Press will simply give you a pass.

Unfortunately, the Identify Politics they administer is a zero-sum game at best, most of the time you destroy a good conservative man or woman, and elect a complete disaster. All the Progressives have given us is a generation of angry, anxious, and directionless Millineals that seem willing to believe just about anything.

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3 thoughts on “Funny How Liberal Always Look the Other Way; Two Sets of Rules”

  1. “Why are progressives always looking for things to be offended by?”

    I believe it’s both to justify assaults on freedom of speech/press in America, and to justify a lack of freedom of speech/press in the world at large. That freedom makes it very hard to effectively cow/fool a large population in an era of widely disseminated instantaneous mass communication . . so the “ruling elites” of the world are trying to justify the common folk not having it . .
    The rubbery rules of “identity politics” facilitate the justification of all sorts of constraints and censors of mass communication, in the name of ending bigotry and stereotyping and divisiveness and whatever else can be dreamed up to suit the justification for said constraints and censors.

    In short; The American experiment in “rule by consent of the governed”, now threatens the ancient “rule by a few elites” model, very seriously . . so the “ruling elites” have hired themselves some smart folks to fight back, and I.D. politics is a big part of the strategy they came up with, it seems to me . .


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