The Case of the Disappearing Data

Alice Spring

Just a few weeks ago we made a post about an easy High School Experiment to debunk global warming:

An Easy High School Experiment to Debunk CO2 Driven Climate Change

In it, we describe going to NASA GISS and explore for Stations that existed back in 1902, are in the middle of nowhere, and have a BI value of 10 or less. Those are the stations removed from the Urban Heat Island Effect and have a long-term record. Basically, it is a controlled experiment to isolate the impact of CO2 on temperature. If you control for the Urban Heat Island Effect, basically none of the long-term records that we examined showed a consistent clearly defined warming trend, and most have temperatures at or near the level of the early 1900s.

Just look at the Alice Springs’ Graphic. The temperatures around 1900 routinely peaked around 22°C and the temperatures today peak around 22°C. Temperatures recently have been well below the levels reached back in the early 1900s, and the lowest level was in 1978.

Well, guess what? The graphic at the top of this page can no longer be reproduced on the NASA GISS Website. They no longer have long-term data for that station. Coincidence? Isn’t it funny how that happened?

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10 thoughts on “The Case of the Disappearing Data”

    1. Christel, we keep all writers anonymous. Is there anything we can answer through comments, or do you have a website or other way to contact you directly.


  1. I’m sure many of you have thought of this before, but is there an effort to maintain a record of original, “uncleaned” weather data, with some sort of authentication method? We seem irretrievably headed for Asimov’s proverbial Nightfall as far as colleges and universities go, so hopefully future generations will have some sort of interest in it.


  2. I’m not sure you picked a good place when you picked The Alice, your logic was correct but maybe you should have checked the stations history because our Australian Bureau of Meteorology has, in its infinite wisdom, executed, so called “worlds best practice” TWICE on the Alice temperature record – the torturing of the Australian Temperature records is a cross between fraud, treason, treachery and outright butchuggery such that anyone would question the accuracy of the record!


    1. That may be so, but we have a stack of weather stations that show an identical pattern. None of them show anywhere near the 1.25 degree warming claimed in the Hockeystick


    1. OK, I just checked V3, and the data is still there, I was incorrect. You have to change the date back to June 2019. The data, however,
      is missing in V4.


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