Woke Patriots; Smear America Support Totalitarian Ethnostate China

(Move 3:53 into the Video)

Now I understand why Nike signed Kneeler Colin Kaepernick. Undermining America sells a lot of shoes in China.


As a reminder, China is about to go Tiananmen Square on the Hong Kong Freedom Fighters, and they are rounding up Muslims for “re-education.”

Consider this. Last Friday, Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets basketball team, tweeted what seemed like a noncontroversial statement. He wrote: “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” Now, China, as you may have seen, is trying to crush Hong Kong, and it’s not hard to pick a side. China is a racist Communist ethnostate that bans dissent and murders its political opponents. They have Muslims interned in forced reeducation camps at this very moment. They viciously suppress the freedoms that we Americans take for granted.

WATCH: Trump Shames NBA Coaches For ‘Pandering To China’ (Link)

Woke Profiles in Courage

Silenced: NBA Cancels Media Availability for Remainder of China Trip


Steve Kerr is the coach of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. On the question of American politics, he has no problem speaking his mind. He embraces hard-left orthodoxy. He doesn’t hesitate to demand stricter gun laws. In the words of one fawning media outlet, and there are many, Kerr “speaks truth to power.” So what truths was Kerr ready to speak to China? None, it turns out. Choosing between freedom and fascism turns out to be a confusing choice.

NBA star Steph Curry is up to his neck in China deals and has visited the communist nation at least five times, yet this week he is professing ignorance of “Chinese history.”

As a reminder, China just had a Patriotic Military Parade highlighting how China will be able to wipe America from the Map in the next century.

While we are teaching our children to hate America, that there are 50 genders and to vote for the Socialist running for President, China is instilling patriotism and teaching their children how to build stealth drones that will one day eliminate American Cities. Oh, and they have a “scavenger” satellite that can literally eat up other satellites.

Chinese Satellite Grabs Another in Orbit

The NBA apologized to CNN reporter Christina Macfarlane after silencing her question regarding China at a Thursday Houston Rockets media conference in Tokyo.

NBA stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook, who were taking questions at the post-match conference, were not allowed to answer Macfarlane when she asked whether either of them would “feel differently” about discussing political topics “in the future.”

Meanwhile here in America.

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