Reciting Consensus isn’t “Speaking Truth to Power;” Mohammad Ali Never Let his Paycheck or Syncophants Dictate his Activism

Woke Civil Rights Activists choose Profits from Racist Totalitarian EthnoState China over America. Simply follow the Money, Nike profits from elevating Kneelers and Undermining America.

This is what real courage looks like:

Protesters erect ‘Lady Liberty’ statue on Hong Kong mountain top

Nike” And Nike Is Using NBA To Go After Trump’s Policies

Why Obama’s Visit to Nike Bothers Liberals

Obama Nike

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2 thoughts on “Reciting Consensus isn’t “Speaking Truth to Power;” Mohammad Ali Never Let his Paycheck or Syncophants Dictate his Activism”

  1. “Reciting Consensus isn’t “Speaking Truth to Power”

    Of course not, but the youngins tend not to even realize that’s what they are doing . . I sometimes comment on YouTube “climate crisis” expounding vids, with an attempt to explain how little in the way of warming, sea level rise, and dangerous weather has actually been observed, even according to the “authorities” themselves . . and I often get mocked by young folk who say how tiny the “skeptic” clan is, and how I’m shilling for the rich and powerful.
    I often ask if they realize that the U. N. is exclusively a coming together of the most powerful people in each Nation . . and that tends to settle them down a bit. And asking about the frequent climate conferences attended by many rich and famous people who fly in on private jets, worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, to stay in five star accommodations, tends to give them some serious pause . .
    I don’t think they realize that’s who is pushing this stuff . . I don’t think they are told it’s the actual “ruling elites” of the world behind the calls for greatly increasing the cost of energy for the poor and working class folks, in the name of saving the planet . .


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