Move Over Greta, Teenage Super Sleuths Catch NASA Concealing Exculpatory Data

On September 15th, we published an easy to understand experiment to prove CO2 doesn’t cause warming using NASA’s own data.

An Easy High School Experiment to Debunk CO2 Driven Climate Change

The experiment was devastating to the Climate Alarmist’s claims because it offered an experiment that even the most scientifically illiterate person could understand, and it totally refutes the claims made by “Noble Prize Winner” Michael Mann.

While on the NASA website it claims v3 was to stop in June of this year, you are still able to use the site, it just isn’t being updated anymore. Now NASA GISS uses v4, and the station available in v3 was “disappeared.”  The Alice Springs Station is ideal because it has long-term data set starting in 1880 and a BI (Brightness Index) of 0, meaning that it was unaffected by the Urban Heat Island Effect. In v4 there is no longer an Alice Springs and instead, there are two stations with shorter time periods Alice Spring Post Office and Alice Springs Airport. The only way to access the data now is if you know how to access v3, and know to change the end date back to June 2019.

Fortunately, a group of teenagers had decided to do the experiment Co2isLife posted on September 15th and made a video of it, clearly showing that Alice Springs exists and the temperature chart that is generated. Please share the above video with everyone you know, spread the word, and challenge High School Students to perform similar experiments in their classrooms.

The Teenage Superslueths have a series of Climate Change Videos that may be worth viewing. Unlike Greta who performs Political Science and spreads hysteria, the Teenage Super Sleuths perform real science and spread knowledge.

Note: I just discovered that the Alice Springs Data is still available on the v3, it has only been removed in the v4. The v3 is linked in the experiment post, you just have to change the date back to June 2019. The September update zeros everything out.

More Videos by the Teenage Super Sleuths

Compare and Contrast:

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