Forget Secession; Expel California from the Union

America is facing a cross-road. She can either allow the coastal elite and the Democratic Party to drag the country to an open-border socialist ruin, or she can make an example of California. Instead of the Red States seceding from the Nation, she could instead excise the cancer that is California. California wants socialism, open-borders and a one-party system of government, then let them have them. The rest of the States should vote to expel California from the Union and deny her any military and border security. That way America gets to watch California transform into Venezuela right before their eyes, and open-borders and socialism will never be a political agenda again. Oh, best of all, Google, Apple and the rest of Silicon Valley will flee San Francisco for the safety of Oregon or Washington.

Why should the rest of America sit back and allow California to lead them to ruin? California has the power to destroy all of America. California hate’s America. Why keep them in the group if all they offer is destruction, criticism, and certain ruin for the Republic? If California wants to commit suicide, let them, just don’t let them destroy the rest of the Nation.

A Trump landslide could make this a possibility. Let’s really disrupt the disrupters, and force them to bear the cost of their insanity, and quarantine the socialist disease to the West Coast.

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