“Hey Google” Which Political Party Defended Slavery?

“Hey Google” can instantly tell you what a mullet it. “Hey Google” can instantly tell you how long it takes light to travel from the Sun to the Earth. Ask “Hey Google” which Political Party supported Slavery and it goes blank. Ask “Hey Google” almost anything about the real history of the Democratic Party and it draws a blank. The only question I was able to get “Hey Google” to answer was “what Political Party passed all the Jim Crow Laws.” Even “Hey Google” which Political Party ended slavery? draws a blank. That is no joke, test it yourself. One question I asked, but have forgotten what it was started out with “The Democratic Party, known as the Party of the People, …something about slavery.” I tried to get “Hey Google” to repeat its answer but was unable to remember the exact question I asked.

Try it yourself, start asking “Hey Google” questions that you know a Progressive Leftist wouldn’t want to answer and my bet is “Hey Google” will draw a blank.

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