“Ideological Subversion or Active Measures;” Exploiting the Useful Idiots

Ever wonder how 50% of the population can wholeheartedly believe in Global Warming, that Socialism is better than Capitalism, that Cuba is better than American and that President Trump colluded with the Russians?

Have you ever wondered how people can be so gullible, even as adults? Have you ever wondered how CNN and other News Networks can so willingly spread lies? It is due to a Russian propaganda technique called “Ideological Subversion.”

They exploit the gullible nature of Useful Idiots. People that are so despite to believe in lies that they will simply believe anything they are told that fits their desired narrative.

They want to be lied to, so they are absolutely uncritical of anything they are told. They don’t rely on facts. Even if they are presented with irrefutable facts, they are so brainwashed and biased that they won’t recognize the truth if it punched them in the face. They will simply believe what they want to believe.

The biggest danger of a progressive is that they are too stupid to understand that they are wrong. If in their simple minds they are always right, they have no incentive to change. That is why they keep repeating the same failed social/socialist experiments over and over and over again.

They are sanctimonious and condescending, and their ignorance is only surpassed by their arrogance, and that is a very very very toxic mix. Their entire world view is a complete fantasy land, but it is a fantasy land that is required to maintain their fragile egos. They unjustly call others Deplorables and other heinous names so that they can pretend to themselves that they are the biggest losers in the world. These are after all people that support late-term abortion, so the only way they can look at themselves in the mirror is to pretend there are other people more evil than they are. In their psycho world, Boy-Scouts are Bad, and their elite coastal morally bankrupt Democratic Party is good.

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Who makes the best useful idiot? Visit a University, Hollywood or Media Outlet.

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3 thoughts on ““Ideological Subversion or Active Measures;” Exploiting the Useful Idiots”

  1. It’s a highly developed form of organized crime. Many otherwise intelligent people think they are political ideologues, and speak of it as a proven failure . . but it has been a big success, for the gangsters who gain control of a society thereby.

    It seems to me we are now glimpsing what is perhaps the biggest weakness of the current gangs; They don’t have anything but criminal minds to work with. It’s not obvious to them what will cause many people to lose trust in them, to see them as hypocrites, double-talkers, bullies and false accusers . . they are rather easily tricked into overreacting and contradicting themselves and spilling the beans, and such things.

    And once the mask slips, people who notice don’t tend to forget . . and they start wondering, and learning about masks . . and gangs . . thank God ; )


    1. Simply read the Nunes Memo and the Schiff Memo response. The criminals are losing their touch. Schiff goes point by point defending the indefensible and fraudulent document.


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