Merry Christmas; in 2020 “You Will Know the Truth, and the Truth will Set You Free”

In 2020 Democrats, “adult” Progressives, “adult” Liberals, and “adult” Democrats are going to be punched in the face with the reality that they live in a world of false narratives. These developmentally stunted “adults,” stuck in a life long High School Musical, are either biblically gullible or willingly complicit in the greatest political hoax/fraud in recent history.

2020 will be a year of discovery and exposure. The world will discover the Democratic Party is nothing more than a vast criminal organization, and the Deep-State is real.

There really is a vast left-wing conspiracy.

Five Questions Still Remaining After the Release of the Horowitz Report

To whom does footnote 461 refer?
At the bottom of page 310, Horowitz describes an unusual communication to the FBI by a “former” confidential informant:

[A] former FBI CHS . . . contacted an FBI agent in an FBI field office in late July 2016 to report information from “a colleague who runs an investigative firm . . . hired by two entities (the Democratic National Committee [DNC] as well as another individual . . . [who was] not name[d]) to explore Donald Trump’s longstanding ties to Russian entities.” The former CHS also gave the FBI agent a list of “individuals and entities who have surfaced in [the investigative firm’s] examination,” which the former CHS described as “mostly public source material.”

Horowitz goes on to say McCabe sent word that the FBI agent was not to collect any more information from this source, and should not “accept any information regarding the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”

During testimony last week, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley asked Horowitz if the “investigative firm” in this footnote was Fusion-GPS. Horowitz said he’d have to get back to him.

This footnote raised a few eyebrows on the Hill. Among other things, it seems to imply that the “investigative firm” was connected with the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe at that early juncture in July of 2016. (Why else would McCabe need to insist on not accepting information regarding Crossfire Hurricane?)

It would be interesting to know who this “former FBI CHS” is, why this person felt a need to reach out to the FBI about his colleague’s firm, and why the FBI shut down this source.


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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas; in 2020 “You Will Know the Truth, and the Truth will Set You Free””

  1. I believe the current Dem Party is essentially a “front” for a vast criminal organization (as are the major mass media corporations), and now is being “burned” in a sense, to cover the tracks of the real hardcore criminals who have been controlling/animating it.
    This, I believe, explains the flare-up of the radical leftist contingent/(face-men), which might well be “suicidal” for the Party, but facilitates the virtual “escape” into obscurity of the hyper-wealthy/powerful criminal elites who call the shots, so to speak.
    One can “see” similar handling of other fronts, like CNN for instance, which has been effectively “suicided” in terms of being a legit news organization (and other media fronts are on life support, so to speak ; )
    The Bosses see it all, including the Republic itself, as expendable, I am quite sure.


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