The Democrat’s Frankenstein Monster Threatens to Eat All America

The Democrats have run out of children to feed their monster, and he is hungry once again. They have fostered all this Hate America, Hate Capitalism, Hate Republicans, Hate Success, Hate Everything that is good and made America Great. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and they will destroy all of America is they get their way.

Don’t worry however we have Donald to save us.

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One thought on “The Democrat’s Frankenstein Monster Threatens to Eat All America”

  1. I think the apparent disappointment is mostly fake . . basically an attempt to recast Trump et al as “the establishment”. I don’t believe Mr. Sanders is really bucking the actual “establishment” which very much want’s a controlled society, and his brand of justifying that will do just fine. Once that’s (more firmly ; ) in place, there will be no real need to deliver any particular shade of controlled society . .

    If they were really worried about him (it seems kinda obvious to me) they’d have had the mass media mob highlight/act aghast over the Veritas videos pertaining to several of his staff discussing putting vast numbers of people in camps (or worse) . . and the lack of any denouncements at all. Still could, of course, but I don’t think they are actually opposed to what those videos . . unmasked. Even Justice Scalia clearly warned against assuming they were not intending that “final solution”, after all . .


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