Do You See Any Correlation at all?

World Carbon Emissions Keep Bouncing Back

Global Temperatures are volatile, CO2 is not. The 13 mo average was effectively 0.00 in 1980, and 0.00 in 2011. Temperatures spiked in 1997, CO2 didn’t change much. Temperatures accelerated in 2011, CO2 leveled out. Temperatures dramatically decreased from 1997 to 2008, CO2 increased. Temperatures were literally flat between 1980 and 1996. CO2 increased. While a linear regression may show an uptrend in temperatures over the observed time period temperatures follow largely a series of step ranges. Between 1979 and 1996 temperatures were range-bound between 0.00 and -0.3. An exceptionally strong El Nino broke global temperatures out of that range (most likely due to more sunlight reaching the oceans) and we entered another range with higher bounds. Temperatures then ranged between -0.1 to 0.5, a range we remain in today. There is no consistent uptrend in temperatures like there is in CO2 production and atmospheric concentration.

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One thought on “Do You See Any Correlation at all?”

  1. To answer the title question honestly; ‘Do you see any correlation at all?’ ~ Yes, I see a general “correlation” in that both graphs show a similar (visual) upward slope overall. But, I realize that’s because of the scales used in the graphs, which makes a doubling of our CO2 emissions look similar to a modest rise in temps . . (Unfortunately, that’s giving an inch and the alarmists/globalists will of course take a mile ; )

    Otherwise, I “see” a very conspicuous lack of true correlation, as you described (and as I eluded to previously here); There hasn’t been enough “warming” to justify anything remotely like allowing a few globalist “elites” to essentially take control of the planet, and turn us into virtual serfs. Not even close . .

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