The World Is Waking Up to the Genius of President Trump; Where are the Cries of Xenophobia when Canada Shuts its Borders?

trump-convention-2 (1)

President Trump immediately closed the border with China once the Coronavirus was discovered. Democrats ruthlessly attacked President Trump crying Xenophobia. After all, the Totalitarian Communist Chinese Government said it was safe. President Trump was smart enough not to believe them.

Trump Bans Travel from China, Orders 1st Quarantine in 50 Years (Source 2/2/20) (BTW, I couldn’t find this info using Google, it was the top item on Bing)

Today, France, Canada, Germany and others have discovered the wisdom of President Trump. BTW, Obama never closed the borders.

Coronavirus: Some Of These 24 European Countries Have Closed Their Borders To Tourists (Source)

Nine EU states close borders due to virus (Source)

Citing coronavirus concerns, Russia closes its borders to Italian nationals and other foreigners arriving from Italy (Source)

Coronavirus: Germany latest country to close borders (Source)

Canada is closing its borders to foreigners, with an exception for US citizens (Source)

Hypocrisy defines the political left. They simply live in a world of false narratives.

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