What has the World Gotten for its Climate Change Dollars? Absolutely Nothing

Climate Change Investment Totals USD $359 Billion Worldwide (Source)

Hundreds of billions of dollars could have been spent improving the lives of individuals across the globe. We could have brought affordable energy, clean water, schools, roads and hospitals to Africa. We could have lower the fuel prices for the people now rioting in France. We didn’t. We wasted countless dollars on pure nonsense of which the benefits are quantifiably NON-EXISTANT. The slope of atmospheric CO2 remains 100% unaltered after pouring hundreds of billions of dollars down the climate change hoax rat hole. The only tangible benefit that we have gotten is finally an awakening in France to just what a monumental waste this entire climate change crusade has been. We can only hope to spreads to other Nations and we can purge the world of the scourge of this Climate Change Hoax.

The People in France and the rest of the World are justifiably angry. Their tax dollars have been wasted on pure nonsense while real problems go unaddressed.

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Drill Baby Drill May Prevent WWIII; The GeoPolitics of Oil Haven’t Changed with the Construction of Wind, Solar and EVs

Moscow To Set Up Military Base In Caribbean (Source)

The easiest and least costly way to prevent WWIII would be to simply drive the price of oil into the floor. This would quickly bankrupt Russia and halt its expansion in the Western Hemisphere, Syria, and elsewhere. Exporting LNG to Europe would also break the Tyrannical Russian European Natural Gas Monopoly. Lastly, it would bankrupt the increasingly fragile Iran and Venezuela, which are ripe for Revolution.

The greatly expanded production in the US would create jobs, generate tax revenues, and increase our National Security. It is a global win, win, win.

As a side benefit, the sanctimonious Canadian Socialists rely heavily upon oil revenues to support their system. Without those revenues, their “free” healthcare suddenly becomes a real problem. Especially if the Trump administration succeeds in getting the Drug Companies to charge them higher prices for US Drugs.

BTW, China, not Mexico, is paying for “The Wall” which may be badly needed if WWIII does break out.

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Political Blowback; How Climate Change May Be the Issue that Ends The Progressive’s March Towards Globalism

Leave it to the progressives to defeat themselves with their own policies. Progressives always wanted to model America after France, now is their chance. Reject the climate change agenda before the riots come to America.

Why are there no similar riots in America? Republicans are in power, a gallon of gas goes for $1.84/gal and everyone is too busy working. They simply don’t have time to riot between working, shopping and enjoying record-setting prosperity.

Analysis: In democracies’ political chaos, new model emerges

Across the world, people are questioning truths they had long held to be self-evident, and they are dismissing some of them as fake news. They are replacing traditions they had long seen as immutable with haphazard reinvention.

In France, people who feel left behind by a globalizing world have spent the last few weeks marching and rioting to protest a government they call elitist and out of touch. The government, whose initial dismissiveness seemed to confirm their suspicions, was finally forced to change tack.

Britain is still shuddering from a referendum that its government called to muzzle naysayers, only to see those naysayers win the day. Now, as politicians go through awkward contortions to deliver on that vote, the government is on the verge of collapse.

And in the United States, a president who some accuse of upending ideals that the nation holds dear is aggressively abandoning protocol and customs that have prevailed through a dozen of his predecessors. His core followers are thrilled; many others are getting vertigo.

What’s more, these events are playing out not only in the lands of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, of the Magna Carta and of the Declaration of Independence, but across the Western world.

It’s a similar narrative in each place: People outside the centers of power are rejecting political elites they feel take them for granted, and backing new movements that eschew the rules and that often play to their basest thoughts.

To be clear, this isn’t a weakening of democracy. In a way, it’s the opposite.


BTW, Note how the French called in UN troops AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE!!! I’m pretty sure that that action alone woke some people up, and converted Gullible Liberals to Realistic Conservatives. Many of those UN Troops come from former French Colonies (Source)

Newsflash to the Progressives, when the Riots start, they won’t be coming for the Conservatives. There are tremendous risks involved with undermining an entire country for idiotic policies that harm the public.

Several top generals signed a letter accusing French President Emanuel Macrons of treason this week after he signed on to the UN global migration pact. The new UN law gives economic migrants the same rights as refugees. (Source)

The objective benefits of all this climate change spending on nonsense? The CO2 trend remains 100% Unaltered. The cost of fighting climate change is real and highly tangible, the benefits are 100% Nonexistent.

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When the French Show More Common Sense than American Progressives, You Know the End is Near for Climate Change



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I guess the Factual Feminist is a Denier.

PRAGER: A Message To Young Women From A Career Woman

“I want to tell women in their 20s: Do not follow the path that I followed. You are leading yourself to a life of loneliness. All of your friends will be getting married and having children, and you’re working to compete in the world, and what you’re doing is competing with men. Men don’t like competitors. Men want a partner. It took me until my late 40s to realize this. (Source)

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France’s protesters are part of a global backlash against climate change taxes

Once the political foundation of Climate Change disappears, so will the alarmism. Once Climate CHange becomes a political liability, you will never hear of it again. It isn’t, nor has it ever been about the science. The more riots, the more failed elections, the weaker the Alarmists become. The science will remain, only the Politics will disappear.

France’s protesters are part of a global backlash against climate change taxes (Source)

Hopkins: “Nothing Scares The Identity Politics Left Like An Actual Working-Class Uprising” (Source)

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Ouch!!! Democrats Can’t Find $5 Billion for Border Wall But Gifted Iranian Regime with $5.7 Billion and Pallet of Cash


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