Current Temperatures Below Level Reached in 1983


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When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Apex Predator Dies Shortly After the Arrival of Humans, Climate Change Blamed

The University of New South Wales, birthplace of the Ship of Fools, sees no connection between the arrival of Australian Aboriginals, and the subsequent rapid demise of a dangerous apex predator which dominated Australia for millions of years. (Source)

BTW, that garbage passed Peer Review. Also, the SUV didn’t exist 350,000 years ago, so something other than CO2 must have been the cause.

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Communist China caught funding US environmental groups to undermine military

Communist China-funded US enviro groups working to stop US military base on Okinawa

China is funding US green groups to harm our national security. (Source)

Never in your life will you see a communist organization fund the NRA, RNC or other conservative groups unless it is for the expressed intent to undermine from within.

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Pictures of the Week; Halloween 2018

Krugman Trump.PNG

Unfortunately, you won’t see any jokes like the above on SNL. Their political bias robs them of some of the best material out there.


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Global Warming Pause Extends…Becoming Clear IPCC Grossly Overstated Projected Warming

After a complete failure by the IPCC climate models and the crazy assignment of CO2 as a pollutant, scientific reason must once again return to the climate discussion.

Neither did the sea ice in the Arctic disappear in the summer of 2016 as it was often predicted by nutty scientists (even by NASA, who wrote that Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013), nor have global temperatures risen by an significance over the past 20 years, thus contradicting the projections of IPCC models. (Source)

BTW, look at the graphic. The only reason it has a positive slope is because of the arbitrary starting point in 1979 (The Coming Ice Age Period). Had the data started just 3 years later it would have a negative slope right now. The way regressions are calculated pretty much guarantees that the slope of that line if almost certain to flatten with time. The next down-leg of the trend should flatten the regression towards a 0.00 slope.

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“Settled Science” based on Flawed Data; “We corrected the errors he then identified to us”

How do you have “settled science” when the data isn’t even accurate? Isn’t ensuring data integrity and accuracy step #1 in any scientific venture? Otherwise you get GIGO.

“We corrected the errors he then identified to us,” Met Office Spokesman (Source)

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The Definition of Political Extortion; Elect Us or the Mob Riots and Beatings Continue

Democrats seem to think that if they keep inciting the riotous leftist mobs, and promise to stop the rioting if they get elected, that that is a winning strategy. Most People in America don’t want to elect the Godfather, they want a leader that will Make America Great Again without resorting to violence.

Hitler used the Brownshirts much as the Democrats are using Antifa today.

Chaos showed the failure of Democracy,” so you manufacture chaos, get elected, and “undermine Democracy from the inside.” Typical leftist tactics, yes, the NATIONAL SOCIALISTs were leftists. Nothing about the totalitarian big government NAZIs can be associated with modern rightwing Conservatives. (Source)

BTW, many Latinos came to America to escape this kind of lawlessness and rule by druglords. (Source)

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