China Invests in Nuclear Fusion, Democrats Invest in Wind Farms; That’s What They Call Progress


Fusion breakthrough as China’s “artificial sun” reaches 100 million degrees (Source)

This windmill is 14th Century Technology

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Paradise California hasn’t been Experiencing a Drought

Paradise California gets plenty of rain, and has moderate temperatures.

Paradise weather averages
Annual high temperature: 70.9°F
Annual low temperature: 51.2°F
Average temperature: 61.05°F
Average annual precipitation – rainfall: 58.11 inch
Av. annual snowfall: 1 inch


Jerry Brown: ‘In Less Than 5 Years’ Even the Worst Climate Change Skeptics ‘Are Going to Be Believers’ (Source)

News Flash, climate change and drought would THIN OUT FORESTS. Jerry Brown admits that the forests are overly dense. How do you get overly dense forests in a drought? Climate change didn’t cause all the tightly packed homes to be built in the forests.

More on this topic:

The worst fire has been in the area of Paradise, California, which is in the Sierra Nevada foothills north and east of the Sacramento Valley about 85 miles (137 km) north of Sacramento. The climate is classified as hot-summer Mediterranean and the community is spread out on a wide ridge between deep canyons formed by a branch of the Feather River and Butte Creek. Much of the recent housing is in area have young woodlands at elevations above 1,700 feet (525 m). The rainy season of 2016–2017 was considered Northern California’s wettest winter in over 100 years. The heavy snow and rain caused significant pressure on nearby Oroville Dam, and the spillway failed.

Much of what has been written about the tragic fires has ignored the distinction between the areas of Northern and Southern California and that heavy rains fell in Northern California of 2016-2017. This commentary will focus on the worst fire, near Paradise. It is here that news photographs show strings of burnt vehicles abandoned by those trying to flee the fires.

Unfortunately, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, has tried to pass blame for the tragedy on “climate change” – the perfect excuse for politicians. Not only was the prior year very wet in Northern California, a chart by NOAA, reproduced by Icecap, shows California has had no downtrend in annual precipitation since 1895. In fact, no trend at all for 120 years, except for wild changes over short periods of time. The chart shows that precipitation in California has drastically changed frequently, and this change is totally unrelated to changing atmospheric carbon dioxide. (Source)


He said “radical environmentalists” have filed lawsuits to let “nature take its course” and that these fires are the consequence of allowing nature to do so.

“I will lay this on the foot of those environmental radicals that have prevented us from managing the forests for years and, you know what, this is on them.” (Source)

The sad reality is that PG&E may go bankrupt because of this and the Environmental Groups will use that “success” as a tool to raise more money, build more wind farms, and allow the bad situation to compound.

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When the Scientific Consensus Is Corrected by a Skeptic’s Dangerous ideas.

A group of international scientists is walking back major claims they’d made in the journal Nature about the rate at which the earth’s oceans are warming. A newly published note from the study’s co-author, Ralph Keeting, makes it plain that these researchers still believe the oceans are warming at an alarming rate, but they now acknowledge that procedural mistakes “that came to our attention” created an unacceptably large margin of error in their results.

That “came to our attention” line conceals the most important aspect of the story. These scientists work out of Princeton University, the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research, and various international institutions that make up the much lionized “scientific consensus” on climate change. And they had their landmark study debunked by an independent global-warming skeptic of no institutional standing named Nicholas Lewis.

Where did Lewis debunk the doomsayers? No, not in the esteemed pages of Nature but in a blog post at a website called Climate Etc., a small, dissenting dot in the vast universe of online science discussion. Lewis wrote: “The findings of the…paper were peer-reviewed and published in the world’s premier scientific journal and were given wide coverage in the English-speaking media.” He went on: “Despite this, a quick review of the first page of the paper was sufficient to raise doubts as to the accuracy of its results. Just a few hours of analysis and calculations, based only on published information, was sufficient to uncover apparently serious (but surely inadvertent) errors in the underlying calculations.”

BTW, Dr. Curry runs the Climate.Etc blog. Dr. Curry was run out of the field of climate science. I guess she who laughs last laughs loudest.

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar; Michael Mann’s Bullying Backfires

Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print

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Corn continues to thrive in the swamp

Last month, President Donald Trump directed the Environmental Protection Agency to allow the year-round sale of gasoline that contains 15 percent ethanol, or E15. The decision is a big win for politically connected corn farmers — and a big loss for American drivers and the environment. (Source)

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Democrat’s “Diversity” excludes 50% of the Population…and Counting

Missing From this Photo of inclusion, hope, and progress?

1) The wise Elderly

2) People that have successfully built careers and businesses in the private sector

3) Men of any color

4) White suburban women that voted for Trump

5) White male Democrats

6) And the list goes on

Only one week after the election and the Democrats start a Civil War.

Ocasio Cortez Launches Far Left “Justice Democrats” – Calls for Overthrow of Incumbent Democrats (Source)

Rift Widens Between Facebook and Democratic Allies (Source)

Join the movement, empower the ANTIFA Left. When your only objective is power, you accept anyone to your cause, and you don’t have to offer a positive agenda. Just offer to empower those that should never be trusted with power.

2018 Mid-Term Results: Republicans the Party of Middle Class – Democrats the Party of Uber-Rich and US Ghettos (Source)

Ocasio-Cortez Does Exactly What Republicans Hoped She Would In First Week In D.C.
“… the way that we fix it is by demanding that our incumbents give it up or by running fierce campaigns ourselves.” (Source)

When gaining power is your only objective, you don’t even have to understand the very basics.

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GE was once America’s most valuable company. Today it is fighting junk-bond status.


The Timeline of Destruction

The Unholy Marriage Of GE And President Obama At The Altar Of Industrial Policy (Source) 2011

The decline and fall of General Electric, the poster child of Obamanomics (Source) 2018

GE’s Immelt Sees Green In Being Green (Source) 2005

Why GE is Perfectly Positioned for a Renewable Future (Source) 2017

GE’s Immelt Says U.S. Policy Deadlock Holds Back Clean Energy Development (Source) 2010

The Courage to Develop Clean Energy By Jeffrey Immelt and Jonathan Lash (Source) 2005

GE Launches Ecomagination to Develop Environmental Technologies; Company-Wide Focus on Addressing Pressing Challenges (Source) 2005

Green Loving Public Pensions lost fortunes for their members who were forced to invest in the failed Obama policies.

The Ten Largest Holding of CalPERS, the Biggest U.S. Investor (Source) GE #2 in 2007

General Electric’s downward spiral continues to slam retirees (Source)

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I Never Witnessed any Violence or Racism at a Tea Party; ANTIFA is given a Pass by the Press

I attended many Tea Party Rallies and never witnessed any violence or actions or signs that could be considered racist. I used to teach a class and I offered the students $1,000 is they could find me proof of violence at a Tea Party. I never had to pay. The best the students could do was find was one of the Tea Party Leaders got arrested at an airport because he had a gun in his luggage. (Source)

Compare the above video to this:

Never did I ever witness anything like what ANTIFA does, yet the media portrayed the Tea Party as violent racists, and they totally ignore what ANTIFA is going. The double standard can’t be more obvious.

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