Why Real Science isn’t Determined by “Consensus.”

“Consensus” isn’t part of the Scientific Method.

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Why Climate Alarmists have the Upper Hand but are Still Losing the Battle; Truth Trumps Fiction

BS Refute

This is the advantage Climate Alarmists have. They have countless outlets and mindless minions that will publish anything they need to perpetuate the AGW hoax. Climate realists basically have no real funding and are greatly limited in numbers. Why the climate realists are winning, however, is that they have the truth on their side. Climate Change is the equivalent of the Russian Collusion Hoax, it is a liberal’s wet dream, and regardless of the facts and scientific truth, they are determined to believe that they have the stuff to sleep with a very hot blond. In reality, it is all fantasy, and eventually, like the Russian Collusion Hoax, reality will win.

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Cumulative Benefits of All Climate Change Prevention Spending? Immeasurable

When Democrats and Climate Alarmists find themselves in a hole, they don’t ask for a ladder, they ask for a bigger shovel. After Trillions of direct and indirect funding on fighting climate change, the benefits are completely immeasurable. The trend is CO2 remains completely unchanged and will continue to remain unchanged no matter how much we spend. CO2 is the result of economic growth (improved standard of living/quality of life), over-dense forests burning, and the warming oceans. None of our spending programs will change any of those.

Anyway, sea levels aren’t rising at an alarming rate, extreme climate isn’t getting worse or more frequent, and we have real problems to solve.

Obamas Don’t Seem to Fear the Rise in Sea Level; Data Supports their Decision

What Would $16 Trillion Buy?; The Opportunity of Fighting Climate Change

The futility of trying to ‘control’ the climate

Sen. Sander’s Bigger Brassier $16 trillion Green New Deal: ‘Bernie is trying to out AOC — AOC!’

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Obamas Don’t Seem to Fear the Rise in Sea Level; Data Supports their Decision

Obamas must have actually looked at the data supporting the Climate Change Hoax and reached the conclusion that only fools would believe this nonsense, and that there is no risk of harm from sea level rise.

The Obamas are no fools. They manufacture climate hysteria and then snap up coastal property at a discount.

Former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are reportedly buying a multimillion-dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

The 29-acre, nearly 7,000-square-foot estate, listed at $14.85 million, is owned by Boston Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck, TMZ reports. It’s been on the market for four years and was initially listed for more than $22 million, according to realtor.com.
The Obamas are reportedly paying less than the current listing price, according to “multiple island sources,” but it is unclear how much they will spend, according to the outlet.


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