Cutting Down Forests To Save The Earth; You Simply Can’t Get Any More Stupid Than This

Green Shock: Entire Forests Being Murdered to Produce Wood Pellet Biomass

Hardwood forests cut down to feed Drax Power plant, Channel 4 Dispatches claims

Brendan Montague | 16th April 2018

A Dispatches investigation has uncovered evidence of hardwood forests being chopped down to provide ‘green energy’ for the UK. Experts say unique habitats rich in wildlife are under threat as Britain’s power stations switch from burning coal to wood, writes BRENDAN MONTAGUE

Huge areas of hardwood forest in the state of Virginia are being chainsawed to create ‘biomass’ energy in Britain as the government attempts to reach targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in efforts to tackle climate change, an investigation by Channel 4 Dispatches has found.

A key part of government efforts to hit its green energy targets is to switch from generating electricity from burning coal to burning wood – or so-called biomass. It’s a policy that is costing taxpayers more than £700 million per year through a levy on their electricity bills.

The biomass industry and government argue that because wood is a renewable source of energy and trees can be replanted to reabsorb carbon dioxide this policy is good for the environment.

The power station giant claims that burning pellets instead of coal reduces carbon emissions by more than 80 percent.

However, Dispatches conducted a simple experiment at a laboratory at the University of Nottingham to compare the carbon dioxide emitted when burning wood pellets, similar to those used by Drax, instead of coal.

Dozens of scientists

It found that to burn an amount of wood pellets that would generate the same amount of electricity as coal it would actually produce roughly eight percent more carbon.

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How Does 140 Years of Stable Temperatures Prove Man Made CO2 is Melting the Greenland Glaciers?


Greenland temperatures today are no different then they were in 1880. How then can man-made CO2 be blamed for the glacier melting and the sea level rising? CO2 in 1880 is estimated to have been below 300 ppm, today it is 400 ppm. CO2 has increased a full 33%+ over that time, and yet it has had zero measurable impact on atmospheric temperatures. While climate alarmists use Greenland and its potential threat of sea level rise as evidence for their CAGW Theory, in reality, Greenland is the ideal case study to debunk the theory. The evidence of this fraud is available for anyone to see if they simply choose to look.

Climate change means Greenland is the same temperature now as 1880
Hands up who knew that Greenland has been pretty much the same temperature for the last hundred and forty years?
We know that there has been massive melting ice, shrinking ice sheets, a dark zone that is a huge problem, that the melting is accelerating, faster than at any time in the last 400 years. We all know “this is scary”, and due to climate change and could raise sea levels by 20 feet. And that’s just the news stories in the last two weeks.

At NoTricksZone, Kenneth Richards has found an up to date graph of Greenland temperatures buried in the supplement of a new paper by Mikkelsen et al., 2018:

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Trillions of $s Wasted on Irreproducible Science; Congress Must Demand Independent Verification and Reproducibility


Policymakers often cite research to justify their rules, but many of those studies wouldn’t replicate

Half the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals are probably wrong. John Ioannidis, now a professor of medicine at Stanford, made headlines with that claim in 2005. Since then, researchers have confirmed his skepticism by trying—and often failing—to reproduce many influential journal articles. Slowly, scientists are internalizing the lessons of this irreproducibility crisis. But what about government, which has been making policy for generations without confirming that the science behind it is valid?

The biggest newsmakers in the crisis have involved psychology. Consider three findings: Striking a “power pose” can improve a person’s hormone balance and increase tolerance for risk. Invoking a negative stereotype, such as by telling black test-takers that an exam measures intelligence, can measurably degrade performance. Playing a sorting game that involves quickly pairing faces (black or white) with bad and good words (“happy” or “death”) can reveal “implicit bias” and predict discrimination.

All three of these results received massive media attention, but independent researchers haven’t been able to reproduce any of them properly. It seems as if there’s no end of “scientific truths” that just aren’t so. For a 2015 article in Science, independent researchers tried to replicate 100 prominent psychology studies and succeeded with only 39% of them.

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Reproducibility and experimentation are hallmarks of good science. CAGW/Climate Science has neither.

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“Having Come From A County That Promised Everything…and Only Delivered Misery”; Cuba a Progressive Paradise

This video clip is worth watching. The jab at Government Research is priceless, as is the quote from Jose Marti.

Cuba Leaves Castro Era With Slim Prospects for Change

HAVANA— Raúl Castro is set to step down as Cuba’s president this week, marking the first time in 59 years that a Castro brother won’t be officially in charge of Cuba.

But few people in this rundown capital city are expecting much change. Cuba’s communist leaders are dedicated to maintaining their one-party system and reasserting state control of the economy after a brief surge in private enterprise fueled by the restart of diplomatic relations with the U.S. in 2015.

Mr. Castro’s likely successor, Miguel Díaz-Canel, a 57-year-old party apparatchik, has excoriated small-business owners as enemies of the state and said the U.S. opening to Cuba under President Barack Obama was meant to “destroy the Cuban revolution.”

While Mr. Díaz-Canel is expected to handily win a vote in the country’s rubber-stamp National Assembly, the Castro family won’t be leaving the political stage. Mr. Castro is likely to stay on as head of the Communist Party. One of his sons is an influential official and a former son-in-law is a powerful general.

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We Need More Climate Discussions Like This One

It’s ‘not possible’ to have cheap, reliable energy and reduce emissions

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h/t WUWT

Law school dean: Disrupting free speech event was free speech

Controlling for H2O and Urban Heat Island Effect; Greenland Validates CO2 Doesn’t Drive Warming


A previous post on CO2isLife demonstrated that if you isolate the impact of CO2 on atmospheric temperatures by controlling for H2O and the Urban Heat Island Effect, you discover that CO2 has had no measurable impact on atmospheric temperatures over the past 50+ years. (Click the Following Link)

Isolating the Contribution of CO2 on Atmospheric Temperature

Critics may attack that post because it only addressed the S. Hemisphere, which is fair, misguided and desperate, but fair. Now there is evidence that when the same approach is applied to the N. Hemisphere, this time using Greenland instead of Antarctica, the results are the same. CO2 has no measurable impact on atmospheric temperatures if efforts are made to control for H2O and the heat island effect. In reality, ground temperature measurements aren’t measuring the impact of CO2 on the atmosphere, they are measuring the impact of H2O and the Urban Heat Island effect on atmospheric temperatures, neither of which have to do with CO2.

The following finding is 100% exactly what we predicted here at CO2isLife…and none of us have Ph.Ds in Climate Science. We at CO2isLife have Ph.Ds in Common Sense specializing in the proper application of the Scientific Method. Our Imaginary Ph.Ds seem to trump the experts. Imagine that.

Schmithüsen and colleagues reached the conclusion that CO2-forcing is “rather small” and even “weak“ at the poles. They found the planet’s tiniest warming signal from CO2 occurs for central Antarctica; they characterized the CO2-forcing for the Arctic region as “comparatively weak”. For example, quadrupling CO2 concentrations over the Antarctic Plateau is poised to yield a net radiative forcing value of just 1 W m-2.

The authors even assert that increasing CO2 concentrations causes atmospheric cooling in some areas above the Antarctic continent. They characterize this as a “negative greenhouse effect” due to the “increased long-wave energy loss to space, which cools the Earth-atmosphere system”.

Key points from the paper are highlighted below.

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Why would CO2 actually cool the atmosphere? Well, we cover that here at CO2isLife as well. (Click the Following Link)

Climate “Science” on Trial; Evidence Shows CO2 COOLS the Atmosphere

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